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New England is home to many amazing, locally made products, and one of my all-time favorites is Sea Bags. I own many of their bags and accessories. I'm kind of addicted to them.

Sea bags are handcrafted in coastal Portland, Maine from recycled sails, which are provided by sailors. These nautically-inspired totes are not only beautiful, but tough too. I have been super rough on my sea bags. They have traveled the country with me and due to my chronic need to overpack, they have been stuffed to overflowing. And it's never been a problem.

Love the little front pocket in this tote! Perfect for dropping my cell phone into.

Last spring in Kennebunkport, Maine with my Sea Bag.

Sea Bags make the ideal holiday gift, or go buy yourself one after you return the gifts you didn't like! This is a bag you'll carry with you forever. It's one of those purchases you never regret.

These bags are not only perfect to haul all you need, but they are also beautiful just sitting around your home!

So, happy holidays from Ollie and I, and treat yourself, or someone you love, to a beautifully designed Sea Bag! Crafted from sails that were weathered to perfection along our coasts, I can't imagine a product that more encapsulates the New England spirit.

Check out "The Tale of the Sail" to learn more about how Sea Bags are lovingly crafted on the coast of Maine.


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