Weekend Cocktail | A Gin & Jack Rose

In my last post, which covered my stay in beautiful Western Massachusetts, I mentioned a visit to dmg in Northampton. The dmg is a stunning store that showcases handcrafted artistic pieces. The jewelry alone is enough to keep you in the store for hours!

Before leaving I was gifted a pair of the most stunning, handblown martini glasses I have ever seen! I had been eyeing them on the store's shelves as I explored and was thrilled to get to take some home with me.

The beautiful martini glasses amongst many other works of art at dmg.

If you find yourself in western Massachusetts, a visit to dmg is a must. Like so much of Northampton, dmg is unique, artistic, and inspiring.

With the owner of dmg in her beautiful store, Maya MacLachlan

The whole store is eye candy!

The dmg has been around since 1978, when Don Muller opened the doors to this jewelry and craft gallery, and with Maya as the current owner, the store has retained its special appreciation of artists and customers. Dmg is a prime example of what makes Northampton and Hampshire county so great. This area, and this shop, is a place that is filled with the excitement of constant energy, creativity, and rich diversity. 

And so when I received these gorgeous martini glasses, which were handcrafted at the Rosetree Glass Studio in Louisiana (just one of many talented artists the store carries), I knew I wanted to come up with an especially delicious cocktail to fill them. After a bit of experimentation, I created a Gin & Jack Rose.

2 oz gin
2 oz applejack (or other apple brandy)
1 oz pomegranate syrup
1/2 oz lemon juice
1/2 oz simple syrup, if you want it a little extra sweet

In an ice-filled shaker, add all ingredients and shake well. Pour into a martini glass. And that is it!

Cheers to the weekend! And do yourself a favor and pick up your own martini glasses or whatever other art and jewelry catches your eye at dmg in Northampton, Massachusetts.

dmg in downtown Northampton, MA

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