Deerfield Inn | Historic Deerfield, Massachusetts

Deerfield Inn, a member of the renowned Distinctive Inns of New England, sits in the impossibly quaint and sigh-inspiring village of Old Deerfield, Massachusetts. Surrounded by the rolling, green hills and the lush, New England countryside of western Massachusetts, this working inn is part of Historic Deerfield, an authentic colonial village and museum.

Historic Deerfield Visitor Center

Deerfield post office

On the perfectly preserved, mile-long Old Main St in Deerfield, you will find the house museums belonging to Historic Deerfield, historic private homes, and the prestigious Deerfield Academy boarding school, founded centuries ago. The whole street is a flawless slice of nostalgic, New England life. Built in 1884 and retaining its quaint, country charm (and featuring a porch that beckons you to sit for a spell), the Deerfield Inn is the ideal place to stay to truly immerse yourself in the history and magic of this old village.

These bikes, with their Nantucket baskets, are for rent at Deerfield Inn.

Historic Deerfield museum store

I stayed at the Deerfield Inn for two nights, and not only was it a wonderfully homey and historic place to stay, but its location in the heart of Historic Deerfield meant I never had to get in my car. I walked out of my room each morning, immediately surrounded by the beauty and seclusion of this gorgeous, little village in the lush Connecticut River Valley. To visit the house museums, I merely had to take a pleasant, little stroll from my comfy room. 

The Wright House (c.1824) is part of the Historic Deerfield museum 

Dwight House, built in the 1750, is also part of the museum 

First Church of Deerfield

Wells-Thorn house, built in 1747, and painted robin's egg blue in 1803

Williams House in 1730, extensively remodeled in 1816

The Sheldon House, built in 1754/7

This tucked-away village may have you feeling you've magically been transported back in time, to an age when a first-class, carefully prepared meal was harder to come by. However, the reality is Deerfield Inn provides all the tempting food and drink your little, foodie heart desires. Champney's Restaurant and Tavern, a much-loved local treasure, is located at the inn and is absolutely delicious! I couldn't stop eating there. I even ordered take out after eating because I knew I'd want more.

I could go on and on about this village and the Deerfield Inn. Deerfield's history extends not only to English settlement in the 17th century, but to thousands of years of native habitation, primarily by the Pocomtuc people. This unassuming, little village, nestled away among unspoiled forests and the picturesque hills and mountains of Pioneer Valley, holds a wealth of complex history and beauty. Its story can be told in the colonial and federal architecture we can touch and explore, through the lichen-covered stones at the old burial ground at Deerfield Academy, and through the small remnants left behind of the village's native Pocomtuc population, a tribe that has sadly long since dissolved. There is so much more to this quaint village's story, so much more to tell and explore. (Because of that, I will add another post about Deerfield, Massachusetts in a couple of weeks.)

To truly feel a part of Deerfield's history, to sleep, tucked among its abundant nature and bright stars, there is no better place to do this than at Deerfield Inn. And at Deerfield Inn, you need only walk downstairs from your room to enjoy a mug of beer at an old inn's tavern and you're only steps away from exploring a historic village, a village that will most likely charm you into visiting again and again.

Thank you, Deerfield Inn, for the wonderful stay and incomparable meals! I will be back.


  1. So beautiful! I'll have to remember this for future weekend trips. There's nothing better than quaint Main Street strolls.

    1. It's a fantastic place for a weekend visit! Hope you get up there!