Historic Home | Living Room Makeover

When we moved into our new home (c.1801) this winter, I knew my first priority was going to be my living room. This is the room where I work and write, where I relax and read. This room is my sanctuary.

Within a week of moving in, curtains had been ordered and paint cans of Benjamin Moore Bunker Hill Green sat shining in their metal cans, beckoning me to create the room of my dreams.

Before I got started, the walls were plain white and the curtains were not my style. It was just a boring room. To give you a taste, here's the living room right after we moved in:

Hardly the kind of room that inspires imagination and relaxation. It felt cold and bland. Just boring. After the makeover, however, it takes a lot to get me to leave my sanctuary.

The print on my desk chair no longer matched the decor in my new room, so I bought an ivory slip cover for it.

A nod to my San Francisco Bay Area roots

In love with the Salem Witch Trial candles from Kan.del shop in Salem, Massachusetts.

That beautiful whale print was done by Alicia of Wolf Jaw Press.

And one of my favorite surprises about this new room? The lights mounted in the old built-ins. Sigh...

Thanks for joining me on a tour of my new living room! Looking forward to sharing more of my home makeovers soon.


  1. What a difference that color makes, works so well with all the dark accents, love it!

  2. That is such a lively color! I agree that the room we choose to reflect and create in has to be to our taste. From the bits I see--I am loving this new home. center entrance Federals are my favorite, especially with the hip roof! I have house envy! :) Wishing you many happy and healthy years spent in it! xx

  3. It looks amazing, Alyson! That green really makes everything pop! And I remember that Salem sign :D great job, I cant wait to see pics of the rest of the house!!! Find any secret wells yet?