Love in Kennebunkport, Maine

On an unusually warm, winter weekend my husband and I headed to Kennebunkport, Maine for a quick, belated anniversary celebration. Better known as a summer retreat for crowds trading in city heat for coastal views, the winter brings a certain peace to the pretty, little sleepy town.

We were invited to stay at Lark Hotel's Captain Fairfield Inn. Built in 1813 after Captain James Fairfield's release from British imprisonment during the War of 1812, the inn is a beautiful example of federal, coastal architecture.

We were treated to the Lark Suite and were given an iPad filled with local information and a glass of wine as we settled in. The Lark Suite once served as the library to the Fairfield family and it has been thoughtfully designed for modern needs and sensibilities. The bathroom was beautifully done, with a lovely tub and high-end fixtures.

Wine? Don't mind if I do!

I eagerly awaited the sea salt chocolate chip cookies that the Captain Fairfield is known for. Once they were out of the oven, we relaxed at the inn's parlor and enjoyed some of the best cookies I've ever had!

Many of Lark Hotel's properties are known for their stunning mix of historic charm and modern styling. Their historic pieces anchor the look, while the trendy, colorful decor adds fun and whimsey.

The breakfast room, where we enjoyed delicious lemon poppyseed pancakes

A great room to enjoy a glass of wine!

We just happened to be in town for the opening weekend of Paint the Town Red, a celebration that centers around the month of Valentine's with parties, food and drinking events, and splashes of painted red objects and hearts decorating the town center.

Hearts + Lobsters = Valentine's in Maine

Never a dull sight in Kennebunkport.

The Bush compound

The tea cup and saucer house (c.1784)

On your way out of town, don't miss the wedding cake house! The gothic federal is such a unique property, and reportedly the most photographed house in Maine.

With leafless trees giving full view of scenery and architecture, and with few crowds, Kennebunkport's charm has full opportunity to be on display during winter. One shouldn't feel limited to only visiting Kennebunkport in the summer, especially with fun, Valentine's themed events happening during Paint the Town Red. I look forward to visiting Kennebunkport every season!

Thank you, Lark Hotels for a really lovely, special stay!

(For a Kennebunkport, Maine themed cocktail I made this summer, click here.)

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  1. Great photos! The Mister and I are planning a trip that way in the Spring. Have a great weekend!