Holidays in Newburyport, Massachusetts

December was full to overflowing for me. Not only was it Christmas and I was booked with activities and work, but we also moved! I'm in love with the new house, so I won't complain. A lot of work, but for big rewards. And I can't wait to share photos of our circa 1801 home with you. Until then, here are some scenes of Newburyport, Massachusetts I was able to enjoy during my time in there in December. Such a gorgeous town any time of year, but the holidays make it extra special!

In Market Square. Plaid boyfriend shirt: Talbots | Leggings: Anthropolgie | Boots: Cole Haan | Purse: Coach

Newburyport is on the North Shore in Essex county, and is just about when of the most charming New England seaport towns around. In the 17th and 18th centuries Newburyport prospered as a center for fishing, shipping, trade, shipbuilding, and more. With imported West Indian molasses, distilleries sprang up around Market Square, and the resulting rum became a major export. Today Newburyport thrives with a vibrant tourism industry. With its scenic waterfront, quaint downtown, and beautiful historic homes, its no wonder Newburyport draws crowds.

Newburyport's Market Square with its Christmas tree.

Newburyport is such a special coastal town, and with it being so near to me, I have made many more plans (and excuses) for going back. If you find yourself near Boston or on the North Shore, Newburyport is a must see.

This year has started off with many exciting changes and adventures in the works for me. A lot of good to look forward to, and I already have many trips around New England planned for 2016, which I can't wait to share those with you. Hoping you have all started the new year off with hope, positivity, and plans for a great year! Happy New Year!

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  1. I love Newburyport. I rarely get there at Christmastime but I am there at least once in the Summer. Next Summer check out the lantern festival, it is stunning. Your photos are fabulous and you picked out my favorite stores too.