A Coastal Winter | Newport, Rhode Island

When it comes to charming coastal towns, New England has an abundance. Beautiful rocky coasts mixed with historic architecture, amazing local seafood, whimsical shops, and an intoxicating quaintness has been a formula perfected in New England. Newport, Rhode Island embodies all of that, and then some. Even in the deep of winter, Newport's beauty beckons, and though you may not be spending as much time outdoors as you would in summer admiring Newport's views, there is a unique beauty brought to the coast in the cold season.

A snowy, coastal sunset

Much of the east coast was hit with some major snow last weekend, which made me think of my winter trip to Newport, Rhode Island last year; when New England experienced a historic winter and snows that seemingly would never end.

Roachambeau Monument

Trinity Church on Queen Anne Square

Icy waters and Newport Bridge

Channing Memorial Church and Newport Tower

Before I left Newport, draped in its winter attire, the snow began to fall again, and I knew I had to see The Breakers, the old Vanderbilt mansion surrounded in the timeless beauty of a falling snow.

Visiting places like Newport during this time of year, I am reminded that winter ought not be the season for hibernation. A tranquil, heavenly scene will be your reward when you venture out, bundled up in your winter warmest, to unforgettable New England landscapes, like Newport.

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  1. sigh....new england is heaven on earth!

  2. Alyson, Newport is one of my favorite towns. You did it justice with your fabulous photos. Enjoy your week!