Mount Washington Hotel | Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

Mount Washington Hotel

This week I am heading up to the White Mountains of New Hampshire to spend Thanksgiving in a charming cabin. I will also be back at Mount Washington Hotel for a nice meal and a drink or two. With that in mind, I'm looking back at my stay at the gorgeous resort only last month.

In the hotel's palatial lobby

Mount Washington Hotel, which opened in 1902, is part of the grand, turn-of-the-century resort tradition. Wealthy, city families spent entire summers in these resorts, trading in the urban heat and congestion for cool mountain breezes and scenic vistas.

The hotel's balcony

A balcony with a view

It's impossible to convey just how breathtaking the resort and its surroundings are when you first come upon them. Leaving our families at home for yet another of our travel adventures, my best friend, Emily, and I were stunned at the majestic presence of the resort as we drove up to it. The pristine white resort, with its imperial bearing, sat amongst the mountains like a king on a throne.

Emily and I doing our selfie thing in the lobby restroom, as we are wont to do!

Our beautiful room had a gorgeous, mountain view and two comfy queen beds.

The view from our room

We loved all the period details in the room and bathroom!

A hotel as old as this will always come with a ghost story. This is what drew Emily and I to it in the first place. The rumored resident ghost at the Mount Washington Hotel is referred to as the princess. Carolyn Stickney (aka the princess) was the wife of the man who dreamed up this hotel, Joseph Stickney. Unfortunately, he died only a year after it opened, and Carolyn later married a European prince. Even after her remarriage, she spent summers at the grand hotel. She was known to stand at the balcony overlooking the main dining room to see what the other guests were wearing, and if she felt she was outdone by anyone else, she'd change her clothes to be the best dressed woman at the dining table.

A portrait of the princess looking over her balcony

The hotel lobby

One of the most unique features of the Mount Washington Hotel is The Cave, a basement level prohibition speakeasy. Drinks are still served after-hours in this hidden, dark, interesting space.

At the entrance of The Cave.

A prohibition set-up in the Cave

Mount Washington Hotel is an impressive beauty. There is so much to explore in all the historic rooms and striking details found wherever you turn, that you almost don't want to leave, even to see the natural beauty of the area. And it is rather cozy to just view nature from the comfortable chairs of the hotel's porches!

Though we never encountered any ghostly visitors, the hotel's atmosphere has a special way of transporting you to another time and place. It is an enchanting, old, grand resort that has cast its spell on us, and we'll return to its turn-of-the-century charm for years to come!

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  1. Beautiful photos as always!! Those porches and that lobby! Definitely on my bucket list of places to stay.