Late Autumn in Marblehead, Massachusetts

There is just something so special about the coastal town of Marblehead, Massachusetts. North of Boston, Marblehead is located in Essex county, pretty much my favorite county in the world.

Marblehead is well-known as the birthplace of the American Navy, and its harbor and shore are a stunning example of the iconic, rocky New England coast that has been celebrated by artists for centuries.

The coast is clearly the star of the community, but the homes...sigh, the homes are amazing! So many gorgeous old colonials. So much history lived. And this is a community that cares to preserve its beautiful past, including this home dating back to 1663.

Love the old federals of Essex County!

When in Marblehead, watching the sun set over the harbor is a must, and the beautiful homes set along the shore add to unique and stunning Marblehead atmosphere.

I always love catching the sunset in Marblehead!

Never turn down an opportunity to spend a day in Marblehead, because Marblehead is always a good idea! Next week, I'll return with more Marblehead, as I explore it's amazing, old burying ground.


  1. One of my very good friends is lucky enough to live in Marblehead! Forwarding this post to her!

  2. Your photo of the yellow house by the Corinthian Yacht Club has gone viral around town, due to Yankee Magazine's Prettiest Town list! FYI, the scuttlebutt I've heard around town is that this house is owned by it's neighbor on the left. He purchased it to expand his footprint at his residence. Gorgeous shots, as always!

  3. Thank you for sharing these beautiful places. You are my link to this area, and I always enjoy your post so much. I just sit and drool at the beauty!!