New England Autumn Village

I don't have to travel far for bucolic, autumn scenes. In fact my favorite place to take in the season is in my very own village.

Stepping out, to explore the village

Amherst Village seems to primp and preen itself every autumn until it is the very vision of a New England Fall Village postcard. Each historic house invites a gathering of pumpkins or mums on its porch. Wreaths in vibrant, fall hues or spooky Halloween colors adorn each old door. The trees then take their cue and begin their bursting of firework color on each limb.

I'm in love with this home's spider theme

I always enjoy a walk through the village, but the fleeting, brilliant moment of autumn, will always remain my favorite.

Join me on another autumn tour of my village next time, as I explore the old burying grounds. 


  1. There's a house in my neighborhood that has giant spiders all over the front of it every October. I call it The Spider House. But it's not a nice historic colonial in a beautiful New England village. I miss New England so much every fall! :-(

  2. Alyson, these photos are gorgeous as always! You are a lucky lady to live in such a historic spot!

  3. These pictures are beyond gorgeous!! So quintessential New England!

  4. These pictures are amazing, what a village!