Halloween House Tour | Witchy Great Room

A view into the living room. Aren't those old, exposed beams just the best? I'm still in love with them.

During a remodel of my 18th century home several years ago, the wall was knocked out between the living room and kitchen, creating sort of a great room. Because of that, I kept the Halloween decor consist in both rooms. I went with the more charming and fun version of Halloween, instead of going the creepy and scary route, as I did in other parts of the house. The main reason is that this is our most public space. The casual visitor may not even see the rest of the house, so I wanted to keep it light and try not to scare away playdates or the UPS guy.

The great room decor is witchy, vintage-feeling, and fun. Although I love the creepy feel in my other rooms, I love this more light-hearted side of Halloween as well.

With a view into my kitchen, tattered and worn, spider-filled cheese cloth can be see separating the two rooms. I thought this cloth would have to be replaced every year, but I was wrong. It's only become more tattered and Halloween-appropriate every year.

From here, you can catch a peek into my "haunted" dining room.

Hope you have enjoyed this little tour through my witchy great room! Please visit the rest of my Halloween House Tour, which includes my dining room, family room, and parlor. Happy haunting!


  1. Yes those beams are amazing! You did a great job decorating. May I ask where you got the wrought iron (I'm guessing) pineapple scroll pictured on the shelf? I must have it haha

  2. Alyson, I love that you decorated across a different range for the holiday. Gives you all the best of Halloween.



  3. I love it all! You've always had a very good eye for decorating. Love the antique books that the cool pumpkin is sitting on.

  4. Gorgeous! You are such a fantastic decorator!
    The fabric pumpkin is so nice I'd keep it around all year.

  5. I LOVE your decor, holiday and regular! I especially like the horse picture above the mantle, and that portrait in your dining room. And I really want one of those cloth pumpkins for myself!

  6. Love your Halloween decor Alyson! I like a little creepy but really prefer the vintage Halloween style in my own home (although I do have a couple skeleton dogs for the front yard!)