Halloween House Tour | Festive Family Room Halloween Tree

Purchasing my black Halloween tree a couple years ago was one of the best things I ever did. With Halloween being my favorite holiday, adding a substantial and atmospheric piece like this has made the holiday all the more festive and spooky! I love nothing more than turning on a scary movie on a dark, October night, with only the orange glow of the tree to light the room.

My family room was likely built in the 18th century, possibly as late as the early 19th century. It once served as an at-home millinery and dress-making shop, which I find fascinating. It's a gorgeous room, with my favorite floors in the house. Most of the pine boards are over two feet wide. Simply breathtaking!

In addition to getting dressed up for Halloween, I also recently did a mini-makeover on the room. Most of the large elements stayed the same, but I wanted to add more color. I have sort of masculine tastes when it comes to home decor. I prefer dark, heavy, simple pieces. While that has worked for other rooms in my house, my family room somehow got jipped on the adding of color that I managed to do in the rest of my house. My first decision was to add an area rug. I had resisted since the floors are so beautiful, but choosing one on the smaller size ended up adding the beautiful color I desired, without detracting from the gorgeous, old pine. I also painted our shoe-case green. It was once black, like the rest of the furniture, and I added a few splashes of color and white on the walls by changing out some of the neutral pieces for some that added some color or interest. This mine-makeover has made all the difference! I barely ever want to leave the room.

A touch of Halloween on the shoe case

Recently, Alicia, of Wolf Jaw Prints, generously sent me a handmade silkscreen print of a Nantucket whale. It is stunning in person, and I was so excited to add it to my family room!

The whale print fits in so beautifully with the rest of the family room decor! Go check out her shop. She has prints for every decor!

Spiders always make a grand appearance in my October family room.

In love with our new Boston-themed entertainment center!

I turned an old flour sack I bought at an antique's show into a pillow case, and of course, another whale for the room!

Happy to finally have the map of San Francisco, my old hometown, framed and on my wall.

When my Halloween witch pumpkin isn't up for the season, my whale sits on the shoe case. This beautiful piece was made from an old, metal shipping container, and I bought it in a little shop in Rockport, Massachusetts.

Thank you for joining me on a little tour of my Halloween family room, and it's mini-makeover. Since my family room is home to the Halloween tree, my favorite seasonal piece, I do not add a lot more Halloween decor to the area, though I do go all out in other rooms! To see the first stop on my Halloween house tour, the haunted dining room, be sure to check it out, here. I'll be back with more stops on my Halloween house tour in the days to come.


  1. I love what you have done. I especially love the shoe case. I am all about practical…and I love that you made it practical,yet it blends in so nicely.

  2. Love it! Will you be doing "tours" and photos of your area this year? I have always enjoyed them in the past. You have always been my "link" to your area, until I get to visit someday.