'Sconset in Bloom | Nantucket

On the quiet, scenic eastern edge of Nantucket island sits the charming village of Siaconset. Better known as 'Sconset by islanders, it bloomed in the 17th century as a fishing village.

Much of Sconset's charm derives from its organic growth. Homes, cottages, and fishing structures were built as needed, without any planned layout. This has borne out in narrow, quaint roads and cottages grouped together in an inviting, intimate way.

Wandering through the the whimsical, narrow roads and paths of this Nantucket village in the summer is utterly enchanting. Flowers, in their full bloom, drape over cottages in a blanket of color and beauty. They drip from window boxes like bright, precious, summer jewels.

In my opinion, a trip to Nantucket just isn't complete without a leisurely stroll through Sconset, one of the oldest and most picturesque villages in New England. There is an otherworldly, timeless quality to Sconset that sweeps you away from everyday life and envelopes you in a world of almost unbelievable charm and rich history. I know I plan to spend many more summer afternoons lost in the charm of Sconset, and I highly recommend you do too.

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