Cocktail Saturday - Sparkling Blackberry Bourbon Lemonade

With a super hot week, here, in New England, I felt like summery lemonade drink. Something cold and refreshing. I came up with this mix and it definitely fit the bill!

40 oz lemonade
1 can of sprite (or if you don't want your drink so sweet, 10 oz club soda)
10 oz blackberry liqueur
1 shot of bourbon for each glass
slices of lemon for garnish

Pour lemonade into pitcher. Add sprite or club soda. Then add the blackberry liqueur. Stir. Add slices of lemon to pitcher.

Pour lemonade mix into glasses filled with ice. Add a shot of bourbon to each glass and stir.

Add a slice of lemon to the rim of each glass and enjoy! Cheers!


  1. Every week I find myself looking forward to the Friday cocktail.
    I read about shrugs on the Cup of Jo blog. Have you ever made one?

  2. My apologies, the correct word is Shrub (drink), not shrug.

    1. Aw, thank you!! I've had shrub, but have never used it in a cocktail I've made. I'd love to, though!