Cocktail Friday - Nantucket Red

Murray's Toggery Shop in Nantucket, home of the real Nantucket reds.

Murray's Toggery Shop is the home of the real Nantucket red shorts, pants, and more that are so popular among New Englanders. But have you heard of the Nantucket red cocktail? I've seen a few different recipes floating around for this, and the one thing they all seem to have in common is champagne and cranberry juice. So, I made my own version, and I love it! Since I am spending my week in gorgeous Nantucket, this is my cocktail of choice this week.

Nantucket Red Cocktail:
2 oz cranberry juice
1 oz raspberry liquor 
3-4 oz champagne

Pour cranberry juice and raspberry liquor into ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake until chilled. Pour into cocktail glass. Fill the rest of the glass with champagne and enjoy!


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