Cocktail Friday - Tropical Storm

The tropical storm is one of those drinks I make when I want something quick and easy. It's also on the cheaper side. I like quality liquor as much as anyone, but with the amount I spend on liquor for my cocktail recipes (considering I usually only drink once a week, it's substanial) I'll take a cheap drink every once in awhile! With the flurry of end-of-school-year activities and out-of-town guests, I'll gladly make something less complex this week. Besides, it's refreshing, sweet, and does the trick!

2 oz coconut vodka
1 oz sweetened lime juice (or regular lime juice, if you prefer)
3/4 oz pineapple juice
garish with cherries and limes

Pour coconut vodka, lime juice, and pineapple juice into ice-filled shaker and shake. Pour into martini glass. Drop a few cherries in and add a lime wheel to the rim.

And there it is! Easy, peasy! And perfect for a hectic summer week when you barely have the energy to do anything, but sit down with a cold drink.

Cheers! Happy Cocktail Friday, everyone!

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