A Spring Day in Plymouth

Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, Massachusetts is a place I associate with cold ocean breezes, fuzzy sweaters, fallen leaves, crowds of people in wool coats, and the warm brown and grey tones of late fall. I associate it with that cozy time of year when pumpkin spice scent wafts through every coffee shop and home. It is our annual Thanksgiving destination. Recently, however, I had an out-of-town guest who expressed interest in going to the plantation, and since I had never seen it in the spring or summer, I was happy to oblige.

The re-created 17th century Plymouth Colony, leading to the ocean

Plimoth Plantation was founded in 1947 as a living history museum and includes not only the English settlement, but also a re-created Wampanoag homesite. Tickets can also be purchased at the plantation to visit the replica of the Mayflower, which is offsite at Plymouth Harbor.

A pilgrim couple in their garden

Unlike my Thanksgiving visits, there were no crowds, and I enjoyed seeing the settlement bathed in the lush green of late spring. There weren't as many re-enactors, but that was more than made up for by the pleasant weather and having the place nearly to ourselves.

I followed this chicken all over this little pilgrim house

After a few hours spent wandering around Plimoth Plantation, a stop at Plymouth Harbor is a must for any first time visitor. This was the first time I had been there when it wasn't cold.

Structure over Plymouth Rock and Mayflower II

The harbor was buzzing with activity on the beautiful Sunday afternoon I was there, so when hunger began to become a distraction, we went to a place where we wouldn't have to wait long to be seated. Cabby Shack is not fancy, but is good, casual dining, especially if you are in the mood for yummy, highly caloric comfort food.

I ordered a hamburger, topped with an onion ring and macaroni and cheese, and yes, it was as good and naughty as it sounds. The lemonade cocktail was also a nice addition. Though it was yummy, had I more time to plot out the day trip, I would have planned our meal at Rye Tavern. Located in an old tavern and concentrating on fresh ingredients, I've heard only good things about that establishment. Next time.

For an impromptu day trip to the south shore, the day could not have been better, and I am now inspired to make the effort to visit Plymouth more than just once a year. 


  1. What a lovely place! I'm happy you mentioned Thanksgiving. I think we're planning that for this year, as well.



  2. It is such a lovely little New England seaside town! Spent time there a couple of summers ago with good friends and loved it. We ate at the Crabby Shack as well with a gorgeous view of the ocean. If I remember correctly,I had the lobster quesadilla's. If you make your way to Rockport any time this Summer, send me a note--I'd love to meet you there. Good stuff as always Alyson! xx Tina Marie ( The Burning Heart blog)

  3. One of our favorite places! One of the actors plays Peter's direct ancestor. We have yet to meet him when we're there though. It's a dream of ours to do Thanksgiving there one year. We love Plymouth and Plimoth Plantation!

  4. I love this! I love seeing the spring garden most of all. Plymouth is one place Im dying to visit! We had wanted to go this trip, but it didnt fit in. Ah well, next trip! :D

    PS love your redesign!~