The redesign is complete and I am thrilled! I wanted a simple, new design to reflect the direction I want to take with this blog. I've contemplated making this a lifestyle blog, with an emphasis on New England interests and history, for awhile now and I'm excited to be taking it in this direction. All of my New England travel and photography will remain. I will only add to it. I plan to make more practical recommendations on dining, accommodations, shopping, and where to visit. I will also make other lifestyle additions with a cocktail friday feature (which I have done for months on Instagram), home and decor ideas (geared toward a New England home, especially a historic one), fashion and beauty (with items I find fitting for the New England lifestyle and seasons), and book reviews (which will be set in New England, of course). Looking forward to bringing more of the New England lifestyle to the site!

The redesign isn't limited to the blog. The Facebook page has a new timeline and look, featuring my photography around the region:

The relaunch is tomorrow, friday, May 29th, and will begin with a cocktail friday feature. This is going to be a good one! This cocktail is tied in to New England history and a recent visit I made to Old Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts.

I can also be found at Instagram: @newenglandliving and Twitter: @NE_Living


  1. The new page looks great and look forward to reading more about my favourite area in the USA from the other side of the pond.

  2. Congratulations and Bravo!
    Your new website is clear and clean to navigate with a refreshing welcome atmosphere. I wish you much success. Its been a pleasure to see your blogging evolve into such a spectacular website.

  3. You have a blog!! I'm so excited! Does that sound stalkery? lol! Can't wait to work my way through it.