Ingersoll's Ordinary - Instagram Quickie #1

Because I have been so neglectful of this blog, I've decided to start a new feature - the Instagram Quickie! Maybe that way I'll be sure to actually post at least every week or two. I will post a photo and caption from my Instagram account from that day. I will still do my normal posts, but this will keep a taste of New England coming your way, even when I don't have much time.

Ingersoll's Ordinary (1670) played a prominent role in the Salem witch hysteria of 1692. It was located right next to the Salem Village meetinghouse. Tituba's (Rev. Parris' slave and the first accused of witchcraft) husband, John Indian, worked at this tavern. It is also said that some of the first witch examinations took place here. Nathaniel Ingersoll, the owner of the ordinary, accused many of witchcraft. Six of the ten people he accused were hanged.

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  1. LOVELY! Just what i needed.....daily fix of New England! Greatly appreciated!!


  2. Great idea to do that. You have become such an expert on Salem! You should become a tour guide at some point.

  3. I just watched the HBO series about John Adams. Have you ever toured Peacefield in Quincy? I think I will need to add that to my bucket list.

    I live out West and have only been to Boston once for a business trip during the week of the Boston bombing (that was intense!). We did the Boston walking tour and we spent a few hours in Salem but that's about it. My husband and I want to visit again and spend at least 10 days touring New England. What would you say are some sites we have to see?

    LOVE your website and blog. Thanks!