A Day at Pickity Place

In the years just following our country's war for Independence, a little red cottage was built in the sheltering woods of New Hampshire. On this sleepy little hilltop, time has left this cottage and its surroundings nearly untouched.

The little, red, storybook cottage with the old ash tree towering high above it, called Pickity Place, was once the inspiration for the illustrator of a 1948 edition of Little Red Riding Hood.

Today Pickity Place is a gourmet lunch spot, located in the small southern New Hampshire town of Mason. With its herb and perennial gardens, gift shop, and garden shop, it is also a lovely place to stroll, relax, and stay the afternoon. When I went with a friend in May, it was rainy and misty. The spring colors were bright against the mist, and though my toes and sandals became wet in the saturated grass, I could not resist the desire the explore the beautiful grounds, made almost haunting in the foggy storm.

Inside the gardening shed

Lunch was delicious, made using local ingredients and herbs from their own garden. The menu is limited, changing monthly, for one fixed price. The five course meal was perfectly filling and yummy. I chose the Four Cheese Ratatouille Quiche as my entree. I highly recommend reservations, as this place fills up quick.

Big, bad wolf in grandmother's bed

Pickity Place is a magical little place, where you feel completely hidden from the world. It is classic New England - an historic cottage and bucolic farm set against the New Hampshire woods, like a fairy tale. 

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  1. We had that illustrated version of Little Red Riding Hood when I was growing up. I had no idea it was based on a real house. I adore the cottage, but I have always hated the story.

    A healthy (ie not rabid) wolf is no threat to humans in the real world. Folklore and myths demonizing wolves led to them being nearly eradicated from the US.

    One of my first jobs was at Defenders of Wildlife, building support for the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park. I'm happy to report that the whole park ecosystem is doing better since wolves were reintroduced. There is a fund to compensate ranchers who lose sheep to wolves but mostly wolves stick to their natural prey.

    OK, I'll step of my soapbox. Gorgeous photos and an interesting story - thanks for sharing!

  2. A lovely post, it took me back to my visit there two years ago on a lovely sunny day with a dear friend from Lowell.
    I bought a red riding hood doll for my granddaughter plus the book.
    My memory's passed on to my grandaughter and hoping she will get to visit Pickity Place and enjoy your beautiful state when she has grown into a women.

  3. Alyson,
    beautiful photos of a beautiful place! Love that the illustrations were based on a real cottage. I've always wanted to go to New England and this past April, my sister started from Boston, went thru New Hampshire, Vermont and up to Bar Harbor Maine. Even though it was still cold and grey, it was amazing! Love it up there!

  4. How wonderful to spend the day there...love the connection to Little Red Riding Hood! Thanks for adding info about upcoming events - maybe one of these days, there will be one that I can get to!

  5. What an amazing place! I hadn't heard of it before. I definitely want to visit and eat there someday. I'm going to Pin this to remind myself!

  6. I've been hearing about this place for years but have never been ... it's on my to-do list. Great post!

  7. Sweet! What a great find! I'm going to go read your article now!

  8. Fabulous! .. I went to Pickety Place two years ago.. loved it. In fact, it was strange looking at your photos.. I took the very same shots. It is a wonderful get away type of place. Loved reading your post and your blog.. I could identify with you in so many things. Love New England.. in fact, I moved to Ma. in 92' from Pennsylvania.. my children all made Ma. their home. My son, is a pastor of a church in Merrimack N.H. When visiting him, we take short trips to different little NH towns.. When with my daughters in Ma. we end up going to different beaches.. Horseneck is one of them.. Hampton Beach in Rye, NH is wonderful.. if you haven't been there.. take your camera and go.. :) lovely.. .. Like you.. I take my camera everywhere when in New England.. there are just so many things to capture.. Enjoyed reading about the light house in Ma that you had published with Yankee... amazing.. I don't think I will ever be able to see all that there is to see .. thank goodness for bloggers and magazines like Yankee.. :)

  9. Hey Alyson, you find the most amazing places. Your pics make me wish I could visit quaint places for a living.

    Dave Money