Home in Old New England

Though I look out my window to a beautiful, sparkly white blanket of snow, and Christmas is only days away, for the purpose of this post I am hearkening back to the warm, pumpkin filled days of October.

In the early days of October, when the deep, blazing colors of a New England fall were just beginning to consume the greens of summer, I visited Deerfield, Massachusetts with three friends.  The historic district of Deerfield is one of those sweet, little gems you find in many, hidden corners of the New England countryside.

 photo NHVT-brownhouse_zpsb0e967ff.jpg

Old Deerfield centers on a 330 year old, tree lined street, dominated by stunning, revolutionary- era colonials.  The western Massachusetts hills dominate the backdrop, rolling off into the horizon.  Each time I am there the nostalgia of a time I never knew, yet feel a deep connection to, takes my breath away.

 photo NHVT-longgreyhouse_zps7565496e.jpg

The beauty of New England architecture lies in its exquisite simplicity; the clean lines, the rigid adherence to symmetry, the use of simple, local materials, and the practice of good old Yankee pragmatism.  For a California-born girl, who was formed in a world full of stucco subdivisions and in a society which snubbed traditional for modern and futuristic, finding myself living amongst classic, old American homes, that have survived centuries of housing trends, feels oddly comforting and familiar.  This is the place my soul immediately recognized as home.

 photo NHVT-bluehouse_zps8b802e58.jpg

 photo NHVT-yellowhouse_zps61716bee.jpg

 photo NHVT-whitechurchleaves_zps128c2b6b.jpg

 photo NHVT-woodpumpkinhouse_zps0971a65f.jpg

And don't even get me started on the doorways!  There's little that sets my heart aflutter more than a old New England doorway.

 photo NHVT-reddoor_zpse148ae0d.jpg

 photo NHVT-yellowhousedoor_zps9fb51f97.jpg

 photo NHVT-wreathdoor_zps4060bd98.jpg

 photo NHVT-brownhousedoor_zps2d929805.jpg

Deerfield is one of those places, that when I take the time to visit and to soak in the centuries old atmosphere, an atmosphere laced in joy and tragedy, in superstition and mystery, I'm reminded once again why New England will always be home to me.


  1. I love those double-mini-door front doors! Such charm and detail!

    I am yearning more and more to move to the NE, particularly New England. Hopefully someday I can visit your blog for "where should we go this weekend" plans!

  2. Beautiful photos...I can understand why you love living in New England so much. Everytime we go, I wonder why we don't go more often. Hmmmm...it's a long 12 days of vacation...maybe we'll take a ride this week!

  3. Absolutely love this post! Definitely a hidden gem of New England that is stunning!

  4. Beautiful pictures, once again! How I loved visiting places like this just a few months ago. From our crowded little island, I envy the spaciousness of New England homes and gardens!

    (mostly our houses are brick-built - not so quaint as the wood-clad structures I admired on my last visit to your side of the 'pond'!)

  5. Wow it sure is a world away from CA and the boring HOA kept homes I'm used to seeing. I get so excited reading your posts and admiring the pictures!

  6. Each photo looks like a postcard Allyson! The pics are so beautiful and charming but I think it your photography that is just astonishing! Happy holidays.

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. I have been hoping for a post from you and this one did not disappoint. I have only been to New England once, for a business trip, and I didn't get to see very many places. However, I did visit Boston and Salem, MA and fell absolutely in love. The architecture, history, cemeteries. Thank you for your wonderful blog!!

  8. You really make me want to move there.

  9. Hi Alyson,
    I haven't been here awhile but I do love your blog. We share a love of New England! I was in Deerfield years ago and actually have a photo of the blue/red Connecticut Valley doorway that you posted, before it apparently was painted. Gorgeous stuff, I always love what you post. Happy New Year!

  10. Aw, Deerfield! THis post is so special since I was right there with you! What a beautiful day! And those homes were just...amazing. Look, you even took a great pic of *my* house :D that was also the day we all met Santa :D!

  11. I'm with you on the doorways....i must have hundreds (ok...probably closer to thousands) of photos I've taken of doors, wreaths, porches, windows, and weather vanes (not to mention stone walls, cemetaries, etc.....). I can believe I'm so behind on your posts! And even though this is from last year, I can't resist commenting on you r posts when I read them, no matter how late I am!

  12. Loved what you wrote about your soul immediately feeling at home in New England. I know that exact feeling!! Can't wait to return someday and Deerfield is definitely on my list of places to explore