Autumn in Vermont

At the end of September and first part of October, I had two friends come stay with me and I was able to be their host to all things New England. One friend was Heather, who is well known for her beautiful folk art under the name of Audrey Eclectic. This was Heather's first time ever in New England. My other friend who came to stay was Emily and she is one of the dearest people I know. Wouldn't want to imagine my life without her! She was the one who went with me on a grand adventure across England, France, and Scotland last spring.

So, there we were, three ladies, out for an adventure, sans kids!  We were invited to stay at the Snapdragon Inn in Windsor, Vermont, as the innkeeper is an old friend of Emily's.  The inn is in a stunning, historic home.  It had been renovated beautifully, and I can't wait to stay there again.

The exterior is gorgeous!

And so is the interior!

When I was a little girl, living in California, having never gone east of Nevada or Utah at that point, I was enthralled with the tv show Newhart. It starred Bob Newhart and ran a quaint Vermont inn alongside his tv wife, in a small town full of eccentric characters. I was so little when it was on, but the idea of this charming New England locale with four seasons and old houses and inns (always been a history buff) was magical to me. Why do I bring this up? Well, the Vermont town in Newhart was near the New Hampshire border, close to Dartmouth College, and The Snapdragon Inn just happens to be in that exact area. I was apprehensive to go and perhaps have all of my little girl fantasies of an adorable inn and picturesque town dashed. Thankfully, the inn was perfection; old, yet updated. My jaw dropped when we walked into the welcoming lobby area. Not only did the inn live up to my childhood fantasy, it surpassed it.

The inn and the whole surrounding area was charming, warm, and quintessentially New England. We drove around nearby towns, taken in by their curvy hills, well-kept colonial homes, tastefully decorated for the season, covered bridges, weathered barns, and rushing rivers.

This trip into this part of Vermont hadn't been part of our original intinerary for travels around New England, but I'm so glad we shifted things to make room for a stop at the Snapdragon Inn to visit Windsor, Woodstock, and all the lovely little hamlets in this area of Vermont.  It was a childhood fantasy come true!


  1. Beautiful post and photos
    The Bob Newhart Show is also a favorite of mine. And here I end up in Vermont. Every time I go by the Waybury Inn outside of Middlebury, I think of Newhart. That's the actual inn photographed for the show's fictional inn.

  2. Wow, these photos are stunning. Makes me sorry that we didn't plan a weekend getaway to Vermont this fall.

  3. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL pictures! :-)
    ....and - a covered bridge! I only managed to snap one on our (brief) visit to Vermont

    I do miss all the wonderful sights of New England but it makes me appreciate home here in 'OLD' England! ;-)

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  5. How gorgeous! I love the interiors of that inn. I haven't been to Vermont very much and I'd love to get to know it better in the future. You guys must have had so much fun!

  6. What a lovely post. It's unbelievable how quickly that trip went. We filled the days with so much, made so many memories. Love you! Love the Snapdragon Inn. Treasured treasured memories!!

  7. Isn't Vermont gorgeous? I'm heading there this weekend to pick up my son from Middlebury. Aren't you lucky to explore it with friends. Beautiful photos!

  8. weren't those just the most beautiful days in vermont? I love seeing the bright autumn foliage in your photos now that all the leaves here have fallen, and the Snapdragon Inn--- what a beautiful place!
    I am so glad I got to come up and see you and meet your family and see your beautiful home AND New England! Your home is so fabulous I was happy to see my work be used in such a lovely place :D

  9. Oh how fun! I'm inspired by your girls trip together! My sisters and I stayed in a perfect b&b in North Bennington, VT. Your house would be an awesome b&b...with an amazing book or series written about it with you as the innkeeper...telling about family life, your adventures, interspersed with stories and history of the past :) I just have one request...that the series never ends! I love getting deep into a story'a setting and characters, and does it really have to end? I think not! (And thus the joy of personal life long blogs!