Halloween Tree

You know what I love most about Christmas decorating? The Christmas tree, of course. And what do I love more than Christmas?  Halloween, of course.

The last couple of years I've noticed this trend of decorating a full-sized Halloween tree, and I became a bit obsessed with the idea last year, and determined that I would buy one this year.

Last month, I went to the year-round Halloween store in Worcester, Massachusetts, Halloween Outlet and bought the last black holiday tree (which was called a creepmas tree) they had in stock. I then went to Michael's to buy some ribbon and ornaments. The whole thing ended up costing way more than I thought, but it is truly worth it to have the ambiance it brings into the home. I love watching spooky movies with only the orange tree lights on in the room!  Perfect Halloween atmosphere.  I also plan to buy nice Halloween ornaments, here and there, and add them to the tree over the years.  I saw some beautiful ones in Boston just last week.

Here she is!

I added a real pumpkin (with one of my crows), my witch broom, and a gravestone that turns on automatically when people walk by and freaks them out!

Closer view of my ribbon and ornaments.  I bought many clip-on sparkly birds, owls, and these pieces that have baubles and feathers on them.

My pumpkin, crow, and creepy gravestone

My tree topper is sparkly black ribbon and a raven (or crow) thrown in for good measure.

For the tree skirt, I used two spiderweb table runners and simply wrapped them around the base.

A long view of the tree in my family room.  (I'm also pretty much in love with my new Salem Coal and Ice sign that hangs above my french doors that I bought in Salem last week!)

So, I am indeed the proud new owner of a Halloween tree and I highly recommend it to anyone as Halloween obsessed as I. It makes you all warm and fuzzy and spooky inside.

I will be posting photos of the rest of my Halloween decor this friday. As I recently said in a facebook status, "It looks like Halloween threw up all over my house......but in a good way." And I'm looking forward to sharing the rest of it with you all!


  1. Love your halloween tree! It suits that room just perfectly too :)you're going to have so much fun collecting halloween decorations for it for years to come! Also love your Salem sign, its one of a kind!

  2. I seriously love your "creepmas" tree. Looking forward to seeing all of your post on Friday...it's fun to see how everyone else decorates. I think I need a visit over to that shop and a creepmas tree for us next year, too. :)

  3. This is so "you"!!!!! I love it! That sign is gorgeous. I love that style....that rustic, we have had it forever look.

  4. I love it! Now I want one. :) Next year for sure.

  5. That tree is so awesome! It looks really good in there and completes the room.

  6. I love it! Fall is my fav time of year bc I get to see all of your autumn, foliage, Halloween posts! :)

  7. I haven't seen your Halloween tree! Awesome! What a fun idea.