Halloween House

This has already proven to be a spectacular autumn and Halloween season, and it isn't over yet. In fact, in my determination to string Halloween out as long as possible, we are headed to Sleepy Hollow, New York in early November and will indulge in one of our favorite Halloween traditions, The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze. If I could somehow make Halloween last through December, I would. But alas, Christmas is too demanding to let that occur.

My last post was about my new Halloween tree, and that is the star of the season now. It sits, warmly lit, in all its spooky black and orange, enhancing all Halloween movie viewing. It is the main piece of Halloween decor for my family room.

And now for the rest of my house, beginning with the kitchen and living room, which are open to each other.

Living room:

Over all view of the living room

I decorated the living room similar to what I did last year, adding and subtracting a few things. One addition is 6 handmade ornaments, three to the mantle and three hang from my antique blanket chest.

The mantle

My orange, glass pumpkin lights make a return this year. I have them all over my house and I love them. They look beautiful and shiny, both lit and unlit.

I must say, it is especially fun to decorate for Halloween when you live in an antique house! There is already a spooky, historic air to the place. Not to mention, real ghosties are practically a give in!

Just picked up my "Not Every Witch Lives in Salem" sign in Salem last week. 

Between the kitchen and living room I hung the cheesecloth that I cut up and mangled for my Halloween decor last year. I didn't think I'd be able to use the same piece, but it stored well.  Of course, I added the spiders to it again.

Ollie the dog has made an appearance in this shot, as he loves to do.

Bought this in Salem last week, after my best friend, Emily bought one just like it last year. She and I and our witchy sides are represented well in this one!


In my kitchen, the Pottery Barn Happy Halloween sign is hung again, but I've added more Halloween to the room this year.

Here the glass pumpkin lights are lit

A couple of weeks ago, Emily, and Heather, artist of Audrey Eclectic, stayed with me and I took them all over New England (more on that in other posts).  We stayed the night in Salem, and talented Heather, brought beautiful, little portraits, she painted of us as witches.  I love it!

My Edgar Allan Poe inspired dish towels

A pumpkin dolled up as a haunted house in the kitchen

On my kitchen counter


I was a bit more elaborate in my library last year, but I didn't leave it completely Halloween-free!  That would be positively wicked!

My mantle

The Sleepy Hollow print and crow on the table are up year round, but the framed witch piece and pumpkin are a Halloween addition! 

Well, that is a quick tour through my Halloween house (though my bedroom is Halloween themed all year long)!  Hope you are all having a spooky October!


  1. I'm loving seeing how you decorate your home for fall.something us Brits barely touch on.
    Really enjoying your blog.

  2. I love it all! This should be featured in a magazine or something.

  3. Thank you both, Sue and Donna! Very sweet!

    Americans definitely seem to take fall very seriously, and I probably take it further than most. ;)

  4. It looks so beautiful! I love your style.

  5. Seriously, I die over this house!!! So frigging AMAZING! Your decorating skills are top notch!! Oi!! Where's the Salem sign???? Only thing I don't like about that house...that bloody ghost in your attic! She better shut up next time I come over! xx

  6. I love the witch portrait of you three! That is awesome. Heather is so talented!