Around the Village: Red, White, and Blue Edition

It may have seemed that I dropped off the face of the earth after my trip to the UK and France. It sort of feels like I did. As soon as I got back, my husband had to leave on a business trip for two weeks and then I was swung head-long into all the end of school year activities, with jet lag no less. After that, we had out-of-town guests for a week. I finally feel that I've hit some sense of normalcy now.

Had an amazing trip! But I'll post pictures and report on that later.  For now, I will take you around my village on this past 4th of July. Independence Day is one of the reasons that I so desperately wanted to live in the village center. While others struggled to find a parking spot to take part in the day, I only had to walk a block from my house to the village green to watch the parade and to be involved in the festivities.

Our village 4th of July wouldn't be complete without Uncle Sam on stilts.

In the village green.


Old-timey soldiers 

More old-timey soldiers

Of course the whole village was dressed in red, white, and blue.

The old Congregational church

Town Hall

A house that sits facing the village green.

Flags in the green, surrounded by the smoke of yummy food being grilled and sold.

In the green, some of the bikes and scooters kids decorated to be in the parade.

Lots of activity in the town common.

Remnants of the confetti thrown in the parade.

The old fire engine is usually brought out for most town events.

Summer is shaping up to be full of New England travel and fun. Mostly, I am looking forward to a vacation in Cape Cod and hitting a Red Sox game in August.

Hope you all are having a wonderful, relaxing, and carefree summer!


  1. what a beautiful and idyllic day! Its like what a dream 4th of july celebration is like! :D cant wait to see your village for myself!

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  3. Oh how pretty, Alyson. Glad your back and can't wait to see the pics from your trip.

  4. What a wonderful home-town feeling your photos portray. And I could almost smell that food!

  5. You live in a picture-perfect town! Wow. What a wonderful day! :)

  6. I love your photos! Are you going to Mormon Night in August?!?

  7. How beautiful! Your village looks so charming. Truly a great traditional celebration!

  8. Wow, your new town does 4th of July right! I'm looking forward to your England-France travel post. Summer does get busy.

  9. Ok...these pictures made me feel homesick for a village 4th! :) i Love the photo of the flag and smoke from the yummy food, and the one of confetti :)