Unbearable Beauty

When I was in Boston about two weeks ago, it was so beautiful it almost hurt. Have you ever felt that? The beauty that surrounds you is so abundant and overflowing that you almost can't take it? I don't know, perhaps I'm just a bit odd, but when I see beauty like that, emotions bubble up and overwhelm.

Boston's incomparable architecture mixed with the brilliant green and bright color of an east coast spring is a combination that hit me and made my spirit weak in gratitude for the day.

Even on our walk to the Boston Marathon bombing memorial in Copley Square, each tree, each plant was singing with new life, blossoming in breathtaking beauty.

When we reached the memorial, I was hit with a different kind of beauty.

There was a makeshift memorial, various, symbolic objects added by ordinary people. People just wanting to pour out their love, mourning, and support.

A place set aside for the four fatal victims.

It was so beautiful. So much beauty, it hurt.

A board and pens left so everyone can leave a message.

A closer look at the memorials for the four victims who were fatally wounded.

News vans still surrounded Copley Square

Tulips in front of Trinity Church, which overlooks the memorial.

More flowers by Trinity church in Copley Square.

An almost unbearably beautiful day, and I wouldn't have missed it for anything.


  1. What a beautiful day and such beautiful flowers. So bittersweet to see the memorial in so much beauty. Heartwarming too though, to see good come out of evil.

  2. You're not alone in your sentiment! Each time I visit New England, I cry on account of being overwhelmed by the beauty of it all.

  3. Beautiful photos, beautiful post. Last summer I drove to Haworth to visit the Bronte Parsonage. The scenery as I was driving through West Yorkshire was so amazingly stunning that I started to cry. It sounds really corny, but my heart felt so full and there was so much beauty I almost felt like I couldn't take it all in. So I definitely know how you felt. :)

  4. These photos are stunning. The colors pop so vibrantly. It does look like a perfect day. You captured it perfectly!

  5. Alyson, I was sitting here looking through Etsy, and I found this pillow on Etsy. It reminded me of the style of your bedroom decor!


  6. Beautiful photos and lovely words. New England seems to have this effect on people, which is just one of many reasons that makes it so special!

  7. I know exactly what you mean by such an unbelievable degree of beauty and depth that you can hardly believe what you're seeing and feeling. Those experiences make me feel close to heaven and what it must be like. Your pictures are gorgeous. You capture Boston so well. It makes me miss Massachusetts so much!

  8. These are lovely pictures of Boston. Just looking at them makes me wish our holiday later in the year come quickly. I am so looking forward to visiting Boston and New England. :)

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  10. yes. yes. yes Alyson! live deeply, fall hard, get up, repeat, right? life sweeps me off my feet like this, just living and feeling all there is to feel. my soul is stirred so easily and I just want to sit down in the middle of the sidewalk sometimes, rest my head on my knees while hugging them, breathe deep and take life in. But I usually don't/can't, so tears are another outlet for such strong passions sweeping through us. Thanks for the beautiful pictures and descriptions of the stirrings in your heart!

  11. great photos, the colors are truly beautiful, the bombing was a sad day for everyone who loves Boston