Boston's Spring

Almost from the moment I heard that bombs went off in Boston, I had a strong urge to go there. It's not far, and we go into the city at least once a month, and I just wanted to be there. I'm not sure why the urge was so strong and insistent in me. It really was something akin to hearing a family member or dear friend was in the hospital, and all you want to do is visit immediately. That's what it felt like.

Of course I couldn't go right away. The city, for all intents and purposes, was shut down. Then the manhunt the friday after had the city in lockdown. I decided to wait until Boylston Street was re-opened.  It was well over a week before it was. We went into Boston only a day or two after Boylston was opened.

We had lunch at the Prudential building and then walked to the bomb sites.

The site of the first bomb blast.

The Boston Marathon finish line.

The feeling I had in the bomb site areas was very mixed. There was sadness, and a feeling of reverence. My own eight year old, so alive and full of energy, stood with me, not far from where another eight year old had lost his life. That realization brought tears to my eyes. I also grew uncomfortable when I realized that evil had stood where I stood. Two people, with unmerciful evil in their hearts, walked where I now walked only a week and a half earlier. It was chilling.

News interviews being conducted in Copley Square.  News trucks and reporters were all over the area.

But after the initial rush of emotion and sadness, I felt hope. Boston Strong signs were everywhere (I even picked up my own Boston Strong t-shirt, proceeds going to the Boston One fund).  Everyone was pouring in to Boylston to patronize the shops and restaurants that had been greatly affected by the bombings and the subsequent closures during the investigation. This was a people that was supporting one another and supporting the city we all love.

Spring has always been symbolic of hope, of fresh starts. And it was felicitous, in the aftermath, that Boston was blooming and blossoming with the sort of impossible beauty that only a perfect spring can bring.

Old South Church on Boylston St

A sight on our walk to the Boston Public Garden

I love the city in bloom!

We walked over to the Boston Public Garden, and it was breathtaking. The garden is a stunning oasis in the city, and I can't imagine that it is ever prettier than it is in the spring.

Tulips in front of Washington.

The famous swan boats

The bright greens of spring

Another view of Washington

Townhouses and blossoms

A pretty, pink tree by the pond

Bright willows

Blossoming near the door of a townhouse 

Spring came late this year, but it did finally come, in more ways than one. And I'm so glad I got back into Boston so soon after and saw my favorite city vibrant, lively, and beautiful. Just the way I always think of my beloved Boston.


  1. Beautiful! Boston is such a lovely city of unique strength. I love your pictures of it in the spring. My brother was in the city the day after they got the bombers (he went to the Red Sox game that Neil Simon came and sang "Sweet Caroline" at) and he saw the bomb sites too. Very raw and sad, but recovery and strength are in Boston's blood!

  2. Beautiful spring flowers and blossom. Boston looks wonderful. I love the buildings. You write with such love for the city, and it is that unity and strength that will help Boston get through this difficult time.

    Leanne xx

  3. Alyson,

    I totally understand the tugging feeling...when you live so close, it feels like a personal affront. Our Boston. I think visiting will be part of the healing process for many.

  4. I will never understand the evil that lurked, and acted on this day in this beautiful place. Praying for all affected. I cannot wait until the day that I can see all of this beauty for myself, for now, I truly appreciate your pictures.

  5. Hi, I'm new to your blog. I understand the tugging feeling. I have felt that in other situations.

    You take beautiful photos and capture things similar to how I view the world. You have a lovely blog.


  6. Great post, beautiful photos. I too wanted to get down there to see the bomb sites but I had no one to go with. If nothing else, Boston showed the rest of the world its strength and resilience and really brought home the fact that no one better mess with them. Looking forward to your next post!