Around the Village: Springtime Edition

It's been quite awhile since I've done an edition of Around the Village, and since spring has turned my sleepy, little village into a kaleidoscope of bright color, I thought it was about time to do another.

My husband and I took a walk through the village on Thursday afternoon.  It was warm, bordering on hot, really, and bright not only in sunshine, but also in stunning color.  I'm keeping my words to a minimum in this post, and instead will let the photos do most of the talking.

A blooming tree

Church steeple with the bright, light green of spring foliage.

Our library

And have I mentioned we have an old, colonial whipping post in our village green?  Well, we do.  Those colonials, apparently, didn't mess around.  There used to be a pillory here as well.

ye olde whipping post

View from within the green

Spring has sprung at this village home

Another village home

Spring at the old schoolhouse

Behind this village home, you can see the church steeple.  I love seeing the yellow wreaths on so many village doors.

A very bright time of year in the village

Another village beauty with its spring wreath

Flowers in my own yard.  I love being a part of the vibrant village community.

Wouldn't you love to peek behind that door?

Well, that's spring around here!  Today I am spending some time in Boston again.  I was there last week too.  Can't seem to get enough of that place, especially at this beautiful time of year, and will write about it next week.  Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!


  1. IT is so, so beautiful in your village this spring! I'm laughing because its so warm there, and freezing here. What's going on!?! lol!
    Love all the flowers and blooms! your tulips are beautiful!

  2. Oh how beautiful, Alyson! Oh I wish I knew the paint color on that last door, I don't suppose you would go knock on it and ask for me??? Lol, I am kidding, but I will be finding something similiar and painting mine :)

  3. Yes I would like to peek beyond that yellow door!! I loved the picture of the old school house. I felt like Laura Ingalls!!

    You live in a beautiful place Alyson.

    Leanne xx

  4. Beautiful photos! And yes, I would very much like to peek behind that door. :)

  5. Love this time of year. Thanks for the gorgeous photos!

  6. So great. Can't get enough of walking around your village, can you? Isn't that a great feeling? ...living somewhere that every season, every snow or storm casts a new view on things....you can just take it in again and again! Love it! So happy for you to get to spend so much time in Boston lately! We have a few more crazy weeks before we will be able to go :) Also, hope your trip plans are coming together! You are both going to have so much fun!

  7. Your wee village does indeed look really lovely. I'm loving those big white houses and beautiful colour in the gardens. Thanks for sharing your pictures.
    Many thanks for your comment on my post - I'm home again and feeling very tired and missing them all already.

  8. Soooo pretty! I can't get over the whipping post, how funny (in retrospect--not at the time that it was in use, I'm sure!).