Around the Village: Nemo Edition

Seriously, have heard enough Finding Nemo jokes this week to last my lifetime!  For that reason alone, I am glad the storm has passed.

1. Snow plow coming down our street, 2. Opening our front door first thing in the morning, 3. Ollie very unhappy to be made to do his business outside during a historic blizzard, 4. Sunset after the storm passed. (All iphone shots)

This was the biggest snowstorm I've seen since moving to New England many years ago. Apparently, it cracked the top five for historic snowstorms in Boston. And though we did have our generator gassed up and ready to go, we never did lose power. The wind wasn't too strong where I live. The south shore of Boston and Cape Cod were hit much harder with wind and that's where most people lost power, and where I used to live in Connecticut got a lot more snow than we did.

For us, up here in southern New Hampshire, we just stocked up our pantry and stayed indoors, generally being lazy and a bit gluttonous. And after the storm passed, everything looked gorgeous!  I couldn't believe the amount of snow. We went on a walk around the village the next day and it was stunning.

My house, after the plows pushed all the snow up against our fence.

The village graveyard with some stones nearly covered.

Walking the pathway by town hall.

The village church looking spectacular in the snow.

My son in the village green.

The village green pathway.

We strolled along just as the sun was going down, late Sunday afternoon. Everything sparkled as the setting sun reflected on the wintery surface. Nemo may have been ugly when we were in its full-grasp, with howling winds and blinding snow, but after it was gone, we were left a changed and gorgeous landscape.

My son walking out onto the village ice rink.

This week is supposed to be quite warm, so I will definitely be wearing my Hunter wellies to walk my son to school all week as our massive amounts of snow melt and turn to slush. The end of another Nor'easter has come, this one bigger than any I've seen before, but I still enjoyed the peace and beauty these storms can bring.

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  1. It does look gorgeous after the snow, especially the church. I'm impressed the town already cleared the ice for skating - happy Adam! Glad you didn't lose power. I'll put up our Maine Nemo photos tomorrow morning.

  2. That is a lot of snow!! Glad you are well ;)

  3. I just love snow. It really does make everything so much more peaceful and pristine. Your photographs are lovely.

  4. Whoa! It's so beautiful. I have to admit I'm a little jealous. I'd rather have lots of fresh snow than the old crusty, dirty kind we have here.

    Maybe this will be the last hurrah of winter for you guys, since the groundhog has predicted an early spring.


  5. Ah that second to last picture is gorgeous! Glad you guys weren't hit too hard and you were able to capture these pretty pictures :)

  6. Wasn't it spectacular? I love a good nor'easter. Great photos!!

  7. Such a cool storm! I wish I'd been there for it. I miss those storms. I love your pictures! A New England village after a snowstorm is so perfect. And I love your forest green front door!!

  8. Amazing images of winter Allison! The village green pathway I really love it!

  9. Wow, this looks amazing. I have to say that I'm really looking forward to Spring, but if Winter looked like this where I live, it would be a lot easier to handle then the grey slush we usually get...

    Thanks for all your wonderful comments on my blog, I so appreciate it. Have a lovely week xo

  10. Hi, I just found your blog, your pictures are very beautiful - snow is so pretty isn't it.
    I am from Scotland and we are going to be visiting New England towards the end of the year for a holiday - I can't wait is is somewhere I have always wanted to visit.

  11. With all that snow I think I would have been scared! I live in Texas and we hardly ever see snow! Beautiful pictures! I would love to visit New England again! Such a beautiful and historic place!