Around the Village: The First Snow

We had our first snow of the year after Christmas. I had been hoping for a white Christmas, but I guess getting it two days late wasn't too bad. I took some photos of my beautiful, snow-laden village on a few different outings.

To start with, my son went outside, as soon as there was enough snow, to build a snowman. He wasn't alone as we saw snow people spring up, adding suddenly to the population, all over the village.

My son engages in a snowball fight with his snowman.

One of our neighbors built a super tall snowman that they uplight at night.

Another very tall snowman, with a snow top hat, was built in the village green in front of the old school house.  A snow fort was also built in the green.

While I was out, I couldn't help but notice the gorgeous village doorways, made even more sharp and crisp surrounded by sparkling white snow.

One of the doors of a historic village home.

The gorgeous doorway of one of the few brick homes in the village.

The old door to our library.

The village businesses were still dressed in their holiday, festive best.

Moulton's Market is always bustling with village activity.

I love winter, in its stark, peaceful beauty.  I love snow, and how it has the ability to slow down our lives, and give us a day off from our normal busyness. In New England when it is snowing, you are almost guaranteed a snow day from school, unlike our experiences with snow out in Utah, where school was regrettably never cancelled. It is an understatement to say that I love snow days. I adore those lovely days spent in pj's, sipping hot cocoa, and reading a good book all day long, while kids gleefully play in the snow. It is pretty close to heaven to me. And our first winter in the village is already proving to be spectacular.


  1. Beautiful. Your village is like something out of a dream . . . those darling old houses with their clean lines and decorated doors. I love the old schoolhouse and the library doorway. *sigh*

    Enjoy the snow!

  2. Beautiful! Love all the snowmen, too!

  3. It just looks amazing! Love the village in the snow, and all the cute snowmen!

  4. That snow top hat is incredible! I miss the east coast where snow days were prevalent. Now in north western AZ snow is rarely even seen. It's idyllic for sure!

  5. I LOVE the photo of the library door. It's so unusual!!

  6. Ok....I seriously love the snowmen and the ice rink :)

  7. Jenny - Thank you! And I agree, I think my village is like out of dream as well. Honestly feel like I have to pinch myself some days.

    Pattianne - Thank you! The snowmen are still up everywhere. It's awesome!

    Heather - Thank you! I'm finding autumn in the village quite magical.