A Warm Winter's Day in Boston

I adore winter. I love the slow, peaceful days. As a natural homebody, winter is suited to my inclinations. Though I have no problem with cold (I'd take a cold snap over a heat wave any day) when you do have an unseasonably warm winter's day, it would do you well to take advantage of it and get out of the house.

So, when temperatures reached 60 this weekend, we headed into Boston. We like to go into the city about once a month anyway and this was the perfect opportunity. After some time spent at the New England Aquarium, we treated ourselves to some time in the North End and to some cannolis!

There is a bit of a cannoli war going on in the North End, and for those unfamiliar with Boston, the North End is the Little Italy of the city. Many locals say that Mike's Pastry is for tourists and the real Bostonians go to Modern's. Both are on Hanover Street. However, I've heard many locals admit that they really do like Mike's best. I cannot say which is better, since I have not been to Modern's, but Mike's cannolis are incredibly delicious.

Mike's Pastry

Some of my kids and husband deciding which kind of cannoli they will get.

I picked a chocolate dipped cannoli and it was divine!

Alleyway in the North End.

A trip into the North End is a must when visiting Boston. It is the oldest residential community in the city, neighborhoods first springing up in the 1630's, and it is such a treat to walk on the cobblestone streets and take in the history of that area. Parts of it have a truly European feel.

After walking around the North End, we walked off the cannolis by heading into Quincy Market. And, yes, even after my cannoli I treated myself to an Italian Ice at Quincy. I just can't seem to leave that place without one!

Boston at night.

Blue tunnel of light, heading in the direction of the North End.

My husband and two of my kids walking to Quincy Market.

I love Boston lit up at night!

I feel that every season hands us a magical day or two that we must grasp onto, and this, for me, was one of those days. I mean, walking all around gorgeous Boston in January, with the Christmas lighting still up, eating a chocolate-dipped cannoli, and not even having to wear a jacket, does it get any better?


  1. We took a day trip to Boston last Summer to visit Quincy Market and see a Red Sox game while vacationing in York Beach,Maine. I LOVE Boston and hope to be able to spend some extra time there one day.

    Lisa in Florida

  2. I haven't been to Boston in 15 years now :( Thanks for taking me along on this trip. Sounds like a perfect day. 60 degrees is a lovely temp for strolling around the city. 5 degrees here. I'm staying indoors all day if I can.


  3. So wish I could be there! I've fallen in love with Boston and I need more, and more Alyson time :) <3 ya xxx

  4. These are beautiful photos ... and I have an almost identical copy of photo #3. (I couldn't believe the people lined up out the door!) Wish I could get down there more. Thanks for the tour, and get ready for tomorrow's snow...!

  5. Gosh, you are so lucky to have such a beautiful city on your doorstep... and to have such warm temperatures! I'd never heard of cannolis, I am now intrigued!

  6. Lisa - I hope you can. Such an amazing city!

    Jenny - Hope you have warmer weather soon! xx

    Emily - Oh my dear Emily! I need more Emily time too! Hope to see you in the very near future! xxx

  7. Paige - We hit it on a good day. Pretty short line, compared to how it can be. Great place for cannolis, that's for sure!

    Meghan - I do feel lucky! And you must try cannolis! :)

  8. I really like the pictures of Boston Alyson. Street photography is something that I really like, not much time to do it!

    Here the night shots are awesome!

  9. It's so fun to wander around the North End, especially off of Hanover. Suddenly you leave the tourists and you are walking down quiet streets with occasional whifs of amazing italian food. I've never had a cannoli! Yum, looks amazing!

    I have to say I am intrigued with Boston's old West End...do you know the story? I'm so romantic about it...I so wish I could go back in time and wander around...so sad. I hear that old timers have met together for the past 50 years sharing stories. The connection there sounds like what you and I have found in our villages. Here are some links if you are interested: