Christmas At My House

"Christmas is the season for kindling the fire for hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart." - Washington Irving

My living room done for the holidays.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, we decorated the house for Christmas. This is our first holiday season in this house, and whenever I try to figure out how to decorate a new home with stuff I've bought to go with another,  it takes me several days to finish. My ADD brain gets overwhelmed!

In the living room we only hang the kids' stockings. Mom's and Dad's go in a separate room. I use the same ribbon in every room, in all the garlands and tree, to keep the theme and look consistent through out the house.

It is tradition that every year I make orange pomanders (cloves pushed into oranges). They make the house smell divine!  I also spell out words with the oranges. In the living room I spelled out J-O-Y.  In the garland I also wove in glass lights, ribbon, orange pomanders, pine cones, and fruit that looks as if it's been sugared. I love using natural sorts of elements in my Christmas decoration.

Looking through our kitchen into the living room.

Looking toward our kitchen side door.

In our library I did the same thing with the orange pomanders. This time it spells out H-O-P-E.  This is the room where the stockings are hung.

In our dining room, I didn't do too much decorating, but filled my prim container with trimmings from my Christmas tree and orange pomanders. I love the look!

And that is a taste of my house for the holidays, except for the tree, of course! But a Christmas tree deserves a post all its own, which I will do next week. For now, though, I'm off to enjoy a celebration-filled weekend. The village tree lighting is tonight, along with some other holiday themed events around town Saturday and Sunday. Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. I love the stockings!! =) Have a great weekend too!

  2. It's so beautiful!! Wouldn't it be cool to know what the original owners of the house would think of what you've done?

  3. I love your yellow door! Does it have 4 locks? That is awesome! The windows about it are so cool too. Your house makes me smile all around. Your christmas decorations have inspired me to get decorating. I've never seen the orange things but I love them and can imagine they smell so good! What do you stick in them to make the letters?

    I've been a little sad, as my NE town's tree lighting was this past week too and I've been homesick for NE like crazy with the holiday season here. Glad you are enjoying it and your blog is my lifeline to NE and my reminder that it was all real :)

  4. PS We love the same stockings...all of ours are knit too. Yours are very cute.

  5. Kaci - Thank you!

    Barb - Thanks! I would totally love to know what the original owners would think. Not much of a fuss was made over Christmas back then.

    Megan - Thank you! It has 3 locks, they were added at different time periods. The bottom think is a latch, instead of a door knob, so it's very, very old and I love opening that door with a latch. And that thing in the middle of the door is the door bell. It has a crank on the other side. It's so cool! It's from the 1800's.

    Can't believe I didn't mention what is stuck in the oranges! I will go correct that in the post now. They are cloves.

  6. Your home looks beautiful- I'm inspired to do those orange pomanders now. Happy Anniversary!

  7. Your home is beautiful! It's much more grand than mine but we definitely have similar tastes in decor. Thanks for sharing!

  8. First of all, I love this blog Alyson! Secondly, these decorations are amazing!!! I just now subscribed to your blog and I look forward to reading your future posts :)

  9. I'm convinced you have the most adorable house ever. You always decorate perfectly for the holidays :)

  10. I'd forgotten about doing pomanders! I'm going to make some as soon as the kids get home from school. Thanks for the reminder!

  11. Beautiful Christmas tree and decorations, congratulations Alyson!