The Tragic Tale of the Witch and Mad Scientist

In decorating my library for the spooky season, a story began to reveal itself of the witch and mad scientist. A love story that ended in tragedy, for one day, they disappeared. Just disappeared. Not a trace.

Looking into my library. That stove was a modernization of the fireplace that was once there.  It was installed in 1852.

His portrait rests in my bookcase and her's prominently sits on my piano. You look at the portraits from one angle and you see a perfectly ordinary couple. However, look again and you will see them immortalized in their death states, letting us know that their story ended in woe and death.

Looking into my library from the dining room

Another clue that they met a grisly end, rather than just having run off into the sunset together, rests on the piano. Beside their wedding cake topper, depicting a skeleton man asking a skeleton woman to be his bride, magically appeared a hearse being driven by a skeleton man one day. It had never been there before. Perhaps a bit of the witch's magic has lingered in her home to let us know not to look for them, for they are no longer of the material world.

If they had left by choice, rather than tragedy, he would never have left all of his precious bottles of potions, on the shelves, which he slaved to create in his insane genius. Even though he was quite mad, he never would have left without locking them up. And she would never have left her book of spells and potions, that still sits on the bookcase.

Nor would she have left her magical broom, that still sits by the woodstove, or her familiar, the crow that rests on the pumpkin, waiting for its master.

Midnight, the crow, eternally waits.

And though the scientist was very absent-minded, and never thought of picking up after himself, the witch was notoriously tidy and kept the house immaculate. It wasn't hard with her magical broom and spells! She never would have let massive spiderwebs overtake the library.

A picture of the witch's ex-boyfriend, the headless Horseman, remains. She dated him while he still had his head, of course!

The portraits of their three little girls, and their oldest daughter's familiar, her precious dog, Minny, still hang above the couch. Since their parents' disappearance, however, they have been shipped off to Salem to live with their mother's family.

No one has yet discovered the fate of the witch and mad scientist, but many theories float about. Some of are the mind that one of the scientist's untested and untried potions went horribly awry and sent the couple to another dimension. Some think, that in a jealous fit, the headless Horseman carried them away, killing off the scientist and making the witch his corpse bride. We may never know. But they left us a wonderful gift. A mystery, and a good mystery, sprinkled with clues, is a gift that will keep one occupied for years.


  1. Oh, what a spooky tale! Hehe, you have such a great imagination! And love all the decorations, so beautiful and delightfully spooky!

  2. Great story! So fun to see your creativity.

  3. Heather - thank you! As I was putting the post together the little story just quickly formed!

    Sue - thank you! Poor souls indeed.

    Jess - thanks so much. I just throw these posts together. I really should spend more time and really use my creativity! :)

  4. Fabulous post! I loved it- and all the decorations, too. I noticed The Thirteenth Tale on your bookshelf- one of my favorite books!

  5. Pattianne - thanks! I LOVED The Thirteenth Tale too! Truly, a favorite.

  6. What a wonderful story to start the day with! Your decorations have totally inspired me to go home and spookify my house!

  7. Love this! Your home looks so cozy. The kind of place I could curl up on the couch and chat with friends for hours. Your Halloween decorating is FABULOUS!

  8. Spooky! Only you could have a horrific decorating theme and pull it off with style. I enjoyed the 13th Tale too.

  9. Oh Alyson, I love this! Everything about this post and about those wonderful decorations and the tale you wove around them is awesome!

  10. Very nice halloween decorations congratulations!

  11. Ah, this is indeed a spooky tale...

    Funny, I just came across a Facebook page today called "The Macabre and the Beautifully Grotesque", which has a huge following. I think your pictures here with images that change depending on the viewing angle would be perfect on that page. But gosh, is that for real ??? I've never seen such a thing... or are you pulling our leg ???

  12. Such a cool story! I love your decorations too! Thank you for sharing! I am having so much fun reading through all of your posts. :-)