September in Salem

Salem graveyard photo 51d5e2efa28170e60ba497cea2527f8f.jpg
Graveyard shots because we're weird like that.  Nothing I love more than an ancient New England graveyard. 

As I mentioned in a previous post, my husband and I often go gallivanting around New England on fridays while the kids are in school.  It is so much fun, and so freeing, not to think about what would appeal to the kids, something that is usually always in the forefront of a parent's mind.

One of our favorite places to go on a date is Salem, Massachusetts.  We can get there in under an hour and it is my happy place.  I can't help but smile when we are in Salem.  And I will probably post photos of Salem on here so often that you may grow weary of them.  Sorry, but the place is just so photogenic!

Brick salem photo f0441afe4a60e382110dfe55b944088d.jpg
I'm in love with all the brick in this old and mysterious town.

Chestnut st photo 96bb4ce9097dc67465c31eac7dc2406f.jpg
Beautiful Chestnut Street.

It happened to be a rainy day when we went last month, but we didn't let that dampen our spirits.  We strolled through the Old Burial Point, which was extra moody on a day like that, and there is nothing so wonderful as a moody and spooky cemetery.  Then we walked Chestnut St, something we wouldn't have done with the kids along.  We toured a stunning old mansion and walked the cobblestones.

Derby square bookstore editec photo 4c6f4bf1fd9c40f06d66d99f5ad732f4.jpg
We love Derby Square!

Salem town hall photo 926e85c52f6675bafe176227ee5f485d.jpg
Old Town Hall

Ship woman photo 4d4f5a077a1e060211c0d695d0a3f299.jpg

Salem is a town like no other.  It's wonderful mix of the spooky and our nation's seafaring history and wealth.  They have really taken the witch trails and created a Disneyland type atmosphere of that grim part of our history.  It can be a little kitschy and over-the-top, but I must admit that I do love it.  They've created this wonderland of monsters and creatures and witches, but don't forget the stunning places like Chestnut St and The House of Seven Gables or Pickering Wharf or The Peabody Essex Museum.  There are other things for those whose taste leans away from the macabre.  It is the embodiment of all the things I love, and I can't wait to go back this month.  It is the city wide Haunted Happenings, afterall.  October is Salem's prime season.  It is when grown adults feel free to prance around in costumes and pointy witch hats adorn nearly every head.  We plan to go at least twice this month, and I can't wait!


  1. What fun...Salem is about 1-2 hours north from here...haven't been in years! Still remember sitting with friends in a restaurant right on the water..in my single days :)

  2. Nantucket - such a great town! A little too city-like for me to live there, but love visiting constantly! :)

  3. Please keep these beautiful photos coming! A road trip around America has always been a dream of mine and Salem is certainly on my travel list. It is such a beautiful place - like something right out of a postcard! I'd love to see it on Halloween!

  4. I've enjoyed your other Salem graveyard posts and it was nice to see the town too. The brick sidewalks and old buildings are very appealing. It's so nice to have you back to blogging!

  5. I have been in the city several times, and I was able once to photograph a witch.


    I have been on a graveyard there and I never found one with a blue umbrella! No luck whatsoever! :-)

    An attractive city with a dark history, that makes it a very special place to visit and photograph. Great photos Alyson; I really like the one on Chestnut Street and of course graveyards with blue umbrellas look awesome!

  6. I miss Salem! It truly is a magical, beautiful, historic, very fun place.

  7. When I visited I instantly fell in love with the town. It's so charming and mysterious. I could literally live there.

  8. I love Salem! I went there with a friend on a whirlwind trip to Boston and Salem was one of the side trips we took. We had a 6 foot dracula stalking us as we toured the place... Seriously, he didn't say a word or anything. Just would stare at us wrapped in his black cape. After an hour or so, one of us decided to take his picture but he refused. He turned his head and then walked off. We didn't see him again. I know that sounds weird. But I know he was a real person dressed up.

  9. Oooohh..I've never been to Salem but can tell I would love it! We found the cemetaries in new england to be so amazing compared to cemetaries out west...there's a enchantment about the history....and i love the spooky factor too. in our village we loved the scarecrow festival...every village around us had scarecrows everywhere and we just never saw that type of dedication to atmosphere in idaho! We are missing the scarecrows and new england like crazy as we are back in idaho for a year. SO your pictures make me so happy! If you are ever in chester, ct or essex check out the cemetaries! my favorite!!! Essex cemetary overlooks the ct river and is so beautiful with the windmill in the background, and chester does hay rides through the cemetary on halloween...so fun :) this idaho girl seriously cant get enough of new england...i cant believe i was missing out my whole life and so many people in new england have no idea what they take for granted! :)

  10. Megan - So true! People born and raised here completely take this place for granted! They have no idea that the west completely lacks the charm and atmosphere you find here. You are a girl after my own heart!:)

  11. And what is so fun is that the New Englanders who don't know that their intimate little grocery stores and hardware stores are awesome, or that their festivals and countless small town celebrations are to die for....the quirky New Englanders themselves are part of the magic. How can people be so different in different parts of the country? I love New Englanders...so entertaining! It's like watching a movie, but it's your everyday life...walking around this beautiful charming place and talking to the most interesting people you could have dreamed up! Sorry for all the comments. I'll try to reign it in!