Salem in October

We survived Hurricane Sandy, safe and sound. Our power went out for about six hours yesterday night, and during that time we had our generator running. Other than that minor inconvenience, we were just fine. I feel for those who suffered real damage and loss, especially in New York, New Jersey, and the coast of Connecticut. Watching the footage today is unreal and I feel very lucky that the biggest issue the storm caused us is a possible postponement for trick or treating.

I meant to post more this week. I've been traveling around New England a lot, taking in all the autumn goodness, and snapping about a dozens of pictures. But between all the travel and gearing up for the hurricane, I haven't had a lot of time. However, I did want to post a little about Salem before Halloween!

1. Salem in its Halloween get-up, 2. The Gathering at Salem, 3. old Salem architecture, 4. walking the old stones on Salem streets

Last week I went to Salem twice and had a blast at the city's "Haunted Happenings." We go every year, and it just wouldn't be Halloween without at least one day trip to Salem.

One of my favorite images that I shot in Salem!  Beautiful, old church at sunset.  And who doesn't love a red door?

The bandstand on Salem Common.

In Salem Common

Salem, Massachusetts is not what many have in mind.  They often think it is stuck in time, back in 1692.  Most have the image of a quaint, tiny village up on a hill or in a forest hollow. It isn't that. It is just outside of Boston, and it much more city, than village. There are some run down parts, and not everything is picture perfect. However, I love this little city of Salem and it is beautiful, all the same. There is stunning old architecture, the lovely area around Derby Wharf, and the old mansion homes of Chestnut St are simply breathtaking.  It also doesn't get much cooler than the art you see on the gravestones at the old burial ground. We're talking skull and crossbones kind of stuff, good old Puritan hardcore ideas of death and life. The atmosphere of Salem is thick with mystery and history, both tragic and exciting, and it just has that something extra that you can't put your finger on.  Salem just has the ability to cause the imagination to run wild.

At the Salem bandstand

Beautiful Salem federal home

Derby Wharf

Stately brick architecture and beautiful wrought iron in Salem

I hope to get back on to post more on Salem tomorrow, but if not I will on Thursday.  In the meantime, have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone!


  1. Im so glad you all are ok! This storm is such a monster!
    These photos are awesome--- I would wager that church is an Episcopal church-- the red doors and sign are very traditional Episcopalian :)
    One day I hope to be able to go ramble around New England, that would be such a dream come true! You are so lucky to be there in the middle of it all!

  2. You are exactly right, my friend! It is an Episcopal church. You need to come out! Emily and I mentioned that Salem would have been perfect with the 3 of us there! One of these days..

  3. So beautiful! We took friends from England to Boston last summer. We spent a day in Salem BUT picked the hottest day of the year! I really really want to go back and see it properly. Thank you for letting us see it in all it's autumn splendor!

  4. I was able to visit the US for the first time a couple of years ago and stayed with cousins in NH. During my visit, we all went to Salem and these pictures bring back so many memories. We were there in late Sep/early Oct but the fall was late arriving and the colours weren't so vibrant as these. Thank you for sharing! ;-)

  5. Pattianne - thank you! Hope you can come back in a more temperate time!

    Sue - thank you! yes, autumn color doesn't come til late October on the coast. Hopefully, you can see it in its full color one day!

  6. So good to hear that you are safe and sound from Sandy. As ever, I really loved these pictures! Particularly that one of Derby Wharf! Salem just keeps sounding better and better!

  7. I love the red door on that beautiful stone church. Salem is such a great place. I'm glad that I can still live in and enjoy New England vicariously through you!

  8. Very nice photos of Salem, congratulations Alyson!

  9. I'm reading all of your posts - just commenting on a few since I'm sneaking it in during work ;)

    That picture of the leaves and the lamppost is AMAZING! Those are two of my fav things in the world. Great shot!

    I adored Salem when I visited. It's exactly the type of village I dream of living in!