Autumn Drive

Around these parts we have a word we call the hoards of people who descend upon our countryside this time of year, those who search every lane and field for foliage bursting with the famous New England color, snapping photos of every rusticated scene they encounter. They are referred to as leaf-peepers by the locals. And even though I've lived here for 7 years, I quickly morph into a leaf-peeping tourist, my canon dslr permanently swinging from my neck, chasing the color at the first hint of autumn.

Fall branches photo 7d8d51072ed70b68fc1fd14d900b7172.jpg
I love the speckled color of these leaves - red and yellow!

Not unlike a harried storm chaser, I become a color chaser, anxious to not miss a single fleeting color burst. Fall does tend to make me restless. I just don't want to miss the jaw dropping beauty that can fade as quickly as it makes its appearance. Growing up in California, I had never seen anything like it and a New England autumn still retains its magic and wonder for me.

Fall drive montage photo 9143ea201aa3da328428b01f806784e3.jpg
1. an antique cape cod home in the New Hampshire countryside; 2. a lake with autumn leaves; 3. faded wood barn; 3. Yankee magazine headquarters

Last week we drove through the highways and backroads of western New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts.  It was stunning!  The backdrop of the New England countryside, its old churches and antique homes and barns, is the perfect companion to the fall foliage.  It just makes the autumn scene all the more sweeter. 

Fall highway photo 0cdefbb073be2e4c93b5113384866483.jpg
Much of the foliage along the high way was still green, but no less beautiful!

Antiques stone house photo b0a42ad2d62bea67f88775c30cd64196.jpg
A stunning stone antique colonial home, which also sells antiques.

Lake autumn photo 51d538b7f7cf3880a4c4dcbb9a39eef5.jpg
Fall color set against a pond.

There was a bit of rain the day of our drive, not much, but the cloudy skies added to the drama.  It was a gorgeous day.

Red autumn barn photo 55e35b601defdf55bc3f77394a1a2d6c.jpg
Red horse barn

Fall highway 2 photo 5dfe69e38cde01ea4f9065bb9e7c4b10.jpg
Another highway shot

Branches autumn lake photo 2b6e37f24ec67183632feac70ce35cb9.jpg
Lake and mountain

Sunset fall lake photo a286da3dd472e2814c880fbb002a5ee9.jpg
The sun began to set, adding pinks and purples to the vibrant mix.

Tree autumn lake photo 07405bbc2cf2d7d067064d8d6e1e2908.jpg
View through the trees.

State line bridge photo 19219ca752858fd8ccd619d687964d54.jpg
Crossing the bridge, and the state line, from Vermont into New Hampshire.

Cloudy fall mountain photo 200b2261919144aee591da0ad242a44c.jpg
Another shot at sunset.  Love the clouds wisping across the mountain.


  1. Gorgeous as always. I adore California but I deeply suspect that if I were to ever visit the east coast, I will have found the home of my heart.

  2. I hate driving during the fall season; the perfect picture is gone in seconds. Many times I turned around and I stopped, so, to be able of framing the shot.

    Great autumn pictures Alyson, the images of the pond are awesome!

  3. Those pictures are gorgeous! I never got tired of fall in New England, even after living there for years. It's just too beautiful.

  4. Heidi - thank you! I used to be partial to CA, but I discovered the northeast was where I was meant to be. Feels like I was supposed to have been born here.

  5. A - oh, I love driving during this season! True, it can be very frustrating, but if you try not to worry about all the photographs you're missing and just relax it's amazing! But, of course, when you have developed a photographer's heart, it's hard to relax. :)

    Donna - thank you! I think I will be the same. Fall in New England is just too glorious!

    Kaci - thanks so much!

  6. Wow wow wow! Absolutely stunning pictures! I think the last picture is my favourite!

  7. ....am missing Merrimac, NH :-( My coz lives there, right on the edge of a wilderness - the leaves may be red and orange - but I'm green with envy!

  8. Meghan - thanks so much!

    Sue - Merrimack is very near me! That's where I go to watch movies. :)

  9. The lake pics with the pink sky are, in a word, amazeballs.

  10. Wow! Gorgeous, gorgeous and MORE gorgeous! The foliage, landscape and homes are just stunning. I really think I am a displaced New Englander...with a weakness for iced tea, lol. Who says "pee-CON." But anyway, one day...I'm going to come a knocking on your door in the autumn and say "let's go look at leaves and old grave stones!"

  11. I am so happy to have discovered you through MMB. Beautiful photos--they make me miss the East Coast so much. I am excited to follow along.

  12. Sophie - thanks! And, HA, I love that word!

    Heather - You are TOTALLY a displaced New Englander!

    Julie - Thanks for finding me!

  13. Great post! Any idea where that gorgeous stone house is located? Swoon!