Around the Village

For this week's "around the village", which is my weekly look at my village as I walk my son to and from school, the world was full of color and water. Fall is in full-bloom in my neck of the woods, and the rain has been almost unceasing this week, though today the sun is out in full force.

Fall schoolhouse 2 photo c42ee3be53eaec4dbd8394ec4b481725.jpg
The old village schoolhouse

 But I haven't minded the rain. It has made the fields and grass such a brilliant, emerald green, and it's such a stunning contrast to the golds, oranges, and reds.

Red orange tree village photo b1f6fb525516157125c105ac358f3c47.jpg
Antique village home with autumn tree

Even our little village market, which we walk to and frequent nearly daily, is dressed in its autumn best.

Another view of fall at Moultons photo ba683fd1681133b152286f5e5f9a9f4b.jpg
I love this place, especially for its pizza and subs.

Village brick house photo 52999f83ac9d82839fc558c8ea41a58b.jpg
An old and beautiful brick home in our village center

Fallen leaves front yard photo e62eb0af893b109585ed03c8752a46aa.jpg
Fallen leaves in my yard.

I also walked through our old village graveyard this week.  The golden trees were gorgeous in contrast to the slate grey of the stones.  But I am saving those photos for next time! After all, a stroll through an autumn graveyard deserves a post all its own.


  1. Beautiful! Ironically, we live in the northwest and have had no rain for literally months. I can't remember such a horrible dry spell.

    The village looks gorgeous. I'd love to hear how old your "new" house is and if you know much of its history.

  2. Hi, Eileen! Hope you get some rain soon! I love the kind of green you get when rain hits.

    I'll definitely be writing more about my home's history, though I still don't know exactly how old it is yet. Hoping to figure it out soon.

  3. We had a lot of rain and clouds for a few days too, but today is simply the best fall day a person could imagine. :-))

  4. So amazing, Alyson! What a beautiful home you have! Love seeing everything decked out in it's autumn finery!

  5. I really liked that little store when we went. You're lucky to live so close to it now! I love the old schoolhouse and that beautiful brick house. You're so lucky to have gotten all that rain!

  6. Diane - it certainly is!

    Heather - thank you! The village is magical to me.

    Donna - hopefully you'll be visiting me in the village next summer!

  7. You do live in a most beautiful place!
    I'm just going to look at your Cambridge photos now!

  8. I literally just yelled "oh my gosh" out loud when I saw the leaves. So beautiful!

  9. new england is so cute in the fall!! i want to come visit now and only during the fall

  10. Elizabeth - thanks! I love it here!

    Leeann - that's how I feel every time I step out my door! :)

    Meg - you should definitely make a trip out here in the fall, but New England is beautiful all year long!

  11. It is a all New England town, great photos Alyson.

  12. Yay! I love it! We were there last fall playing on the green with our kids in the leaves. Our village is Essex, CT...have you been there? You would fall in love as I have, I'm sure! Your pictures are so beautiful! Thanks so much for your blog. I love it. so glad you are writing and my husband and i are IN LOVE with your awesome old new england house. We stayed at a b&b in bennington, vt this summer and they had done the checkered floors on the old wide planks like you did and I got so excited. :)


  13. A - thank you! It really is a all New England town. Love it! :)

    Megan - thanks, you are so sweet! The green is fantastic, isn't it? Are you guys planning on moving back to NE?

  14. I get a little jealous of your village, I have to admit. I just then remind myself that winter and I do not get along very well. Maybe when I am incredibly wealthy I can have a few homes, one in a perfect little town like this! ;)

  15. Ed - this village is awesome! And thankfully, I love winter. The village looks so picturesque with snow.

  16. Oh, and if you moved here, I would take care of you in the winter! ;)

  17. Alyson, can you imaginen the torture you would feel if you had to leave New England for a year or two (while husband went back to school) now that you've fallen in love? That's what we are going through! I'm back in Idaho thinking...how come this doens't feel like home anymore? Ours is a fun passionate story of moving to new england (for another day), but my husband went back to school and is finishing the steps necessary so we can go back to our "home" (new england!)We had narrowed it down to NH (your area for being close to boston but in a small quaint town) and our area in CT (for being close to NY and boston and super quaint and fun). i found your blog after we moved to Essex, so it was fun to see NH through your eyes, and we eventually went on a day trip to see amherst and other towns. :) so...yes, we will be back asap...but i have to wait. Until then your blog keeps homesickness at bay. husband loves it too.

  18. Megan - I can't even imagine! My husband and I often say to one another, "can you imagine moving back west?" And we both kind of shiver at the very notion. When we see people in our ward move back to Utah or CA or other western state, we just don't get it. I guess being closer to family is a big draw, and I totally get that, but the fact that they prefer being out there as opposed to here is totally beyond us. Why? New England is amazing!! Looks like you guys are kindred spirits and totally understand! I really hope you guys can get back asap! If you have any questions about places around us let me know! I'd be happy to help!

  19. I know! In our ward in CT it seemed like the other families from the west (mostly who were there for residencies or school or strange reasons) did not share our love for NE and were anxious to get back to their families out West. Not us! We chose to go there! No one we met seemed to see the magic or share the enthusiasm we felt. We are IN LOVE :) Even our almost 4 year old (on Halloween) asks when we can go back. It was so special for us to research and find a place we wanted to be and then just go...I think it felt like "our place" and like we were living authentically, living our own lives. That's why your blog is so fun....you are IN LOVE like us. Everyday we are a little in denial that we are really here again after we were really there.