A Bit of Halloween

Two weeks ago I posted about the "bewitching" Halloween decor in my living room, and a bit in my kitchen. Today it's all about my family room. Now, I did not go all out in my family room with decoration. I used most of my Halloween stuff in the living room and the library (which I will post pictures of next week). Our family room is not part of the big open space in the front of our house.  Rather, it is a room, we can actually close off with a glass door. So, I consider it more of a private space, and because it's more private I can be a bit more silly and child-like, and not worry if it will clash with my more folksy and pricey pieces.

On this side of the room, I simply added a cut-out skeleton, whom my daughter calls "Skully." I used orange blinking lights on my shoecase (my husband built that for me by the way, to solve our "shoes are everywhere" problem). Added my Yankee Candle haunted mansion I got a few years back, put more lights behind that, and let my metal witch roam free there, along with a glittery bat.

A couple of years ago, we went to see the Tim Burton Exhibition at the MOMA in New York City.  Since I have an undying love for all things Burton, of course I bought a poster at the show and custom framed it! It is not a Halloween decoration, it is left on the wall year-round, but it looks espeically fitting and gleeful this time of year.

On the tv side of the room, I added simple spiders crawling all over the wall and dangling from curtains, and bat clings to the french doors.  I also strung a trick or treat sign.  I had meant to hang some really pretty Halloween lights there that I bought from Pottery Barn, but never got around to it.  I will probably use them on my porch instead to greet trick or treaters on Halloween night.

I didn't do much on the couch side of the room.  Too many actual antiques hanging on the wall!  But I couldn't leave it completely naked so spiders made their way up there too.

Next week, I'm going to post pictures of my done-up library.  I love this time of year so much, and love the decorations, and can't believe it will be over in two weeks!


  1. I love these! Especially the little spiders and the haunted mansion. You have the best Halloween decor. My stuff looks fairly pathetic in comparison!

  2. Oooooh it's fabulous! I love that Tim Burton poster (both my husband and I are big fans) and I especially love that picture of the spiders in the window, looking out the leaf-strewn lawn!

  3. Your home looks amazing, Alyson! You're a girl after my own heart :) love all that you've done!
    This room is at once bright and cheery and spooky! Perfect! Cant wait to see the library, I have a feeling it's going to be amazing! Love your new home.

  4. That room is awesome! I like the decorations, especially the haunted mansion from Yankee Candle. Although the spiders would creep me out a little if I were sitting in there watching TV or reading at night!!

  5. At first I thought I'd come to your old blog since I recognize the decorations but then I noticed the new setting. I love the corner leather couch and all the windows. You've done well.

  6. Gorgeous decorations Alyson, congratulations!