Cocktail Friday | Sparkling Lemon-Strawberry

As the summer is winding down, I've been trying to make as many fruity, summer drinks as possible. Citrus and berries are my favorite for a hot summer day, and this one is a terrific refresher. It is strong, though, so one glass is really all you need.

5 oz sparkling wine
3 oz limoncello
1 1/2 oz strawberry liqueur
strawberries and mint for garnish

Mix wine, limoncello, and strawberry liqueur with a mixing spoon or whisk. Pour into glass and add chopped strawberries and mint leaves.



New England Village Getaway | Grafton, Vermont

This summer has been full of travel and I've lucked out with a lot of New England nautical adventures, but as I've watched August dwindle down to its final days, I realized I hadn't yet had a quiet visit to a New England village in the mountains. Though there's much more activity and excitement on the summer coast, the stillness and calm of a small, mountain village beckons me.

A Vermont visit isn't complete without a stop at a covered bridge.

Grafton, Vermont, with a population of just over 600, is the serene and secluded New England village I once thought only existed in films.

Grafton's Main Street looks like a snapshot of the 19th century, frozen in time, never to fade. It is vibrant, quaint, and manicured. Credit goes to the Windham Foundation, which was established in the 1960's to restore the old village. One of their first tasks was to bury power lines. This was important to bring a truly timeless experience to both residents and visitors.

Gorgeous iron work on the Grafton Public Library

At the old Congregational Church

The true gem of this singular town is The Grafton Inn. Having served as an inn since 1801, it is one of the oldest continuously run inns in the nation.

The inviting front porch of The Grafton Inn

Not only is it a lovely place to stay, it is also a lovely place to dine. You can dine in the main part of the inn or in the Phelps Barn Pub, attached to the inn. We ate at the barn and the atmosphere of the old barn is absolutely charming.

Dining in the old barn

A yummy martini 

I was really impressed with the fresh ingredients and local meats and cheese. The service was personable and I look forward to dining here again and spending a night in the historic inn.

The local Vermont cheese is divine!

Grafton, Vermont is truly a charming little town. The slow pace and the well-maintained historic structures make it the perfect place to slow down, relax, and remember the beauty in the world.

Town Hall

More of the gorgeous library

Grafton Cheese Factory Bridge

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Surfside Beach Days | Nantucket

The wonderful thing about summer is that some of the season's best days are spent doing practically nothing. Sand crushed between toes, staring at crashing waves, laying on a towel, or driving with the top down and tunes blaring, taking in the view of beach cottages and sand dunes.

The warm sand on my skin, the cool breeze through my hair, the methodic and soothing sound of the sea makes Nantucket beach days nearly hypnotic.

While I love active days on the island, there is something special about Nantucket beach days, spent doing absolutely nothing. Letting your mind wander as hours pass in a slow and peaceful way is the best kind of meditation I can imagine.


'Sconset in Bloom | Nantucket

On the quiet, scenic eastern edge of Nantucket island sits the charming village of Siaconset. Better known as 'Sconset by islanders, it bloomed in the 17th century as a fishing village.

Much of Sconset's charm derives from its organic growth. Homes, cottages, and fishing structures were built as needed, without any planned layout. This has borne out in narrow, quaint roads and cottages grouped together in an inviting, intimate way.

Wandering through the the whimsical, narrow roads and paths of this Nantucket village in the summer is utterly enchanting. Flowers, in their full bloom, drape over cottages in a blanket of color and beauty. They drip from window boxes like bright, precious, summer jewels.

In my opinion, a trip to Nantucket just isn't complete without a leisurely stroll through Sconset, one of the oldest and most picturesque villages in New England. There is an otherworldly, timeless quality to Sconset that sweeps you away from everyday life and envelopes you in a world of almost unbelievable charm and rich history. I know I plan to spend many more summer afternoons lost in the charm of Sconset, and I highly recommend you do too.