Cocktail Friday | Watermelon Royal Fizz

Last weekend I stayed at the gorgeous Tides Beach Club in Kennebunkport, Maine, and I was treated to some of the most delicious cocktails I've ever had. One of my favorite drinks was a watermelon cosmo. I'm not usually a fan of cosmos or watermelon, but this drink was truly yummy!

Enjoying buffalo shrimp and a super yummy cocktail on the porch of The Tides Beach Club. With a view of Goose Rocks Beach, this location can't be beat!

I don't think I can recreate the divine watermelon cosmo made at The Tides, but that drink did inspire me to create my own watermelon drink, and I'm so glad it did!

3 oz watermelon juice
1 1/2 oz gin
1 oz lemon sour or 1/2 oz lemon juice and 2 tsp sugar
3-4 oz champagne or sparkling wine
lemon slice for garnish

In an ice-filled shaker, add watermelon juice, gin, lemon sour (or lemon juice and sugar). Shake well. Pour into ice-filled highball glass. Fill the rest of the glass with champagne or sparkling wine.

This drink tastes like summer and will forever remind me of an amazing weekend in Kennebunkport, Maine. Cheers!


Cocktail | Cinco de Mayo Margarita

Happy Cinco de Mayo! And what would a Cinco de Mayo be without a margarita? As a native Californian, where Cinco de Mayo has been celebrated since 1863 and where the Mexican culture is rich, I will take any excuse to cook up some tacos and have a margarita!

3 oz tequila
2 oz melon liqueur
1 oz orange liqueur
1 oz lime juice
1 oz simple sugar
salt and lime juice for glass rim
lime wedge

Rub the rim of your glass with a lime and dip in salt. Fill the chilled glass with ice. Add tequila, melon liqueur, orange liqueur, lime juice, and simple to a cocktail shaker and shake well. Pour into glass and add lime wedge. Enjoy!



Concord, Massachusetts | Patriots Day

Patriots Day, an official state holiday in Massachusetts, commenorates the Battles of Lexington and Concord, which took place on April 19, 1775. It was the first military engagement of the Revolutionary War. The holiday is better known, however, as being the day of the Boston Marathon. While I love Marathon Monday, my priority is to spend some time where the battles were fought.

I only had a couple free hours on the day I was able to get to Concord, so my visit was a bit abbreviated. But any time spent in Concord is worth it, especially when it includes a meal at the old Colonial Inn!

After a leisurely lunch at Colonial Inn, I didn't have much time. So, I did a quick sightseeing tour of the beautiful homes in Concord, including some belonging to Concord's most famous.

Lovely cottage-style home by the old cemetery

Such a New England scene, stone wall and all

Old New England home and church

Concord Museum

The Orchard House, home of Louisa May Alcott

Home of Ralph Waldo Emerson

After a quick architecture stroll in downtown Concord, I spent the remainder of my time at Minute Man National Historical Park's Battle Road, where the Battles of Lexington and Concord took place.

Hartwell Tavern on Battle Road

At Hartwell Tavern

Sign at Hartwell Tavern

Side of Hartwell Tavern

The Captain William Smith House on Battle Road. Built in 1692.

Later, in the summer, I will return to Battle Road to share a more in-depth exploration, but for now I was just happy to spend any time in Concord and on the road where the first shots were fired 241 years ago, in a war that would form our independent country.

Blouse: Anthropologie | Leggings: Anthropologie | Boots: Cole Haan


Cocktail | Purple Rain

With the sad and shocking news of Prince's death, I wanted to raise a glass in honor of the man whose music had me dancing uncontrollably around my family room as a little girl. So, for this weekend's cocktail I'm making a Purple Rain.

2 oz gin
4 oz cranberry juice
splash of blue curaƧao
splash sweet and sour mix
splash soda water

In an ice-filled glass, add all ingredients and gently stir. Add a slice of lime to the glass rim, and enjoy!

For best possible drinking experience, have a few friends over, blast some Prince through your speakers, and raise a glass to the musical genius! And I defy you to not dance the night away. I know I won't be able to resist!